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Kelly Ripa Tells Guest On Air Ryan Seacrest Is Jealous Of Him


Live With Kelly And Ryan host Kelly Ripa revealed a big secret about her co-host Ryan Seacrest when an interesting guest showed up on their show. On Tuesday’s show, the Late Night host Jimmy Fallon was the guest of the hour. However, Jimmy wasn’t there in his classic clean-shaved look, rather with a full beard look he has been flaunting for some time. Something Ryan gushed over!

Jimmy Fallon Is Surprised By Ryan Seacrest’s Weird Comment

As the co-hosts indulged in a conversation with Jimmy, he revealed that his mom thought he would be a doctor given how bad his handwriting is. This is when Ryan jumped in with a hearty compliment for his guest and said, “But she must be proud, you know?”

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“She must be proud that you’re a thirst trap because—“ went on to explain.

Shocked by Ryan’s comment, Jimmy tilted his head back looking all surprised & cut off Ryan with a loud, “Whoa!”

Kelly Ripa Reveals The Reason Behind Ryan’s Comment

This is when Kelly revealed the big reason for her co-host’s statement. She shared, “Ryan is very jealous of your man beard.”

The American Idol host looked a bit nervous and even stuttered a bit as he told Jimmy that his facial hair is influencing him. In the first half of the episode, before Jimmy’s arrival, Ryan gushed about him. He mentioned, “He’s here. He’s got a beard. He’s grown, he’s taller, he’s got a beard, he looks good in his beard.”

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Kelly even shared a BTS commentary by Ryan with the audience as she said, “Ryan was backstage and goes, ‘You know what, I’m gonna grow a beard because look how tall Jimmy looks!’ And I go, ‘No, Jimmy’s just tall.’”

This is when Ryan chimed in with what Kelly said about him opting for a Jimmy-inspired bearded look. He said that Kelly thinks he would just look old with a beard while Jimmy looks good flaunting one.

Kelly Ripa Makes An NSFW Comment On Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban

As per The Sun, Ryan’s latest ‘thirst trap’ comment comes just after Kelly made an NSFW commentary on a guest last week. The author couldn’t help but crack this cheeky joke when he & Ryan were joined by entrepreneur and Shark Tank judge Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban Shark Tank YouTube

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In the episode, the co-hosts accompanied by the guest watched a scene from Shark Tank. In this episode, two entrepreneurs pitched to get funding for a funny Banana Phone. As the judges examined the phones, Kelly noticed something funny in the video. The way Mark held the banana-shaped device got Kelly’s witty side out. She said, “Your banana placement was fascinating to me. Were you aware? And do you know the memeability of the moment?”

“No, but now that you’ve told me, I’ll be prepared,” replied the businessman.

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What do you think of Ryan’s fanboy moment? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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