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‘Live’ Ryan Seacrest Shows Concern As Kelly Ripa Stabs Herself

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Ryan Seacrest shows concern as Kelly Ripa stabs herself live on the air. The incident took place on the latest episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan. The American Idol host almost broke out in a sweat as Kelly nearly injured herself on the set of the show. Things are out of control now that both of the co-hosts are back.

Kelly Ripa injures herself on the set

On Monday’s broadcast of Live With Kelly and Ryan, Kelly Ripa almost hurt herself as she sat down at their table. She revealed that she almost “impaled herself” on the sharp glass edge. The former soap star was about to sit down until she almost cut herself. This caused Ryan Seacrest to break out in a sweat.

“Ow! Ow!” Kelly Ripa exclaimed after she “impaled herself” on the edge of the table. “I just stabbed myself on the corner of the table,” she told her co-host.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]
At first, Ryan was concerned for his friend. After realizing that she was alright, he informed her that it was an old table. Kelly Ripa admitted that it was the first time that she nearly cut herself on it. She wore a black floral print silk dress when it happened.

Ryan Seacrest wants new chairs

This comes almost a month after Kelly Ripa called out The View’s revamped set. She made a snarky comment about the daytime talk show getting a makeover. The set of Live With Kelly and Ryan has had the same furniture for about three decades. On Monday, September 5, the co-hosts talked about their old set.

They both agreed that it was time for a change. Kelly isn’t happy that they still had the same desk for years. Ryan Seacrest joked that he was looking for new chairs. He was more concerned about his well-being.

Kelly Ripa [YouTube]
Ryan has fallen out of his chair on more than one occasion. However, executive producer Michael Gelman assured them that they have “very fancy, expensive, custom-made chairs.” Ryan and Kelly weren’t happy with his answer though. They wanted to see some changes similar to The View.

Does Live With Kelly & Ryan need a change?

Meanwhile, viewers think Live With Kelly & Ryan needs to change its format. They’re tired of watching pre-recorded episodes. Most of the time, Ryan and Kelly Ripa are absent from the show to work on their other projects and ventures. It’s also still the only talk show that hasn’t brought back its studio audience.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]
This has led some fans to wonder if this is the last season for Live! What are your thoughts on Kelly cutting herself on the glass table? Do you agree that the studio needs a makeover? Sound off below in the comment section.

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