Kelly Ripa Shares Future Plans Amid Career Shakeup

Kelly Ripa On Generation Gap [Kelly Ripa | Instagram]

Kelly Ripa opened up about her future plans. This comes amid her career shakeup. The talk show host is gearing up for the release of her new memoir Live Wire on Tuesday, September 27. She’s been actively promoting it on social media even if her book tour hasn’t gotten much buzz.

For months, fans have been wondering if she’s leaving Live! They haven’t been happy with the co-hosts taking several breaks from the morning show. Live With Kelly and Ryan has also been slammed for getting rid of its studio audience and live element. Fans noticed that the show will sometimes air pre-recorded episodes.

In the meantime, Kelly Ripa talked about her “ultimate career goal.” She admits that she wants to shake things up once again.

Kelly Ripa Signs Copy Of Her Book [Kelly Ripa | Instagram]
[Kelly Ripa | Instagram]

What does Kelly Ripa want to do?

In an in-depth interview with The Wall Street Journal, Kelly Ripa talked about her future plans. The former All My Children star admitted that she wants to walk away from the cameras one day. She would rather work behind them. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she’s producing two Lifetime Movie projects with her husband Mark Consuelos.

Kelly first shared her career plans in her book, Live Wire: Long Winded Short Stories. It covers stories from her life and career. In her interview, Kelly admitted that she was sure she wanted to do it. Then, she got “the opposite of imposter syndrome” when she started writing the book.

The Hope & Faith star shared her “ultimate career plan.” Kelly admitted that she would rather not be on television. This comes after the premiere of her game show Generation Gap, over the summer. It’s unclear if she only signed on to host the show for one season.

Kelly Ripa Sits At Bottom Of Stairs With Her Dog [Kelly Ripa | Instagram]
[Kelly Ripa | Instagram]
“My ultimate goal is to get off camera,” Kelly Ripa told Wall Street Journal. “Because I really do enjoy the process of behind-the-scenes creativity more than [being] in front of the camera.”

She didn’t reveal if that means she will leave Live! in the near future. The former actress didn’t even talk about her future projects. Kelly’s latest comments come after she hinted about Live With Kelly and Ryan coming to an end. Both Kelly and Ryan joked that the show could follow Phantom of the Opera, which ended its 40-year-run.

Gearing up for her career shakeup?

Kelly Ripa’s new book is currently available for pre-order. It will release on Tuesday, September 27 in audiobook, Kindle edition, and hardcover. The collection of stories shows a different side of the former soap star. Kelly describes herself as a daughter, friend, mother, and wife.

She also talks about her life in the public eye. Kelly first announced the book in April. She shared the cover and release date at the time. Her fans are looking forward to seeing what stories she will share. They’re also curious to see what she plans to do next.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Kelly Ripa has plans to leave Live? Do you think she should be replaced? Sound off below in the comment section.

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