Tammy Slaton Reprises Iconic ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Scene Without Amy

Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC Sourced from YouTube

Long before she lost weight and got her healthy attitude, Tammy Slaton said a one-liner during 1000-Lb Sisters that trended as Inconic and now it’s been reprised without Amy in it. As Amy Slaton Halterman put a lot of effort into encouraging her sister to lose weight, it annoys TLC fans that the reprised version cut out the younger sister. 

TLC Star Tammy Slaton Reprised  Scene On A Road Trip

There’s a new bestie on the scene, and fans don’t like that she always uses hashtags for the show when she shares about Amy’s sister. A few days ago, the friend, Haley Michelle shared a photo of herself with the 1000-Lb Sisters star. From the caption, TLC fans heard that the two women and another friend shopped for a road trip. While fans seemed happy about the road trip, others claim that Haley uses the TV star for clout.

Tammy Slaton Friend Haley Michelle - Instagram
Tammy Slaton’s Friend Haley Michelle – Instagram

Two days after they set out on the trip, the friend hashtagged an Instagram post with 1000-Lb Sisters again. Then she shared the reprised scene of the old one. Some TLC fans feel a bit confused because not long ago, Tammy Slaton claimed she had a new girlfriend named Andrea. Whatever happened with Andrea isn’t known, but Haley and her new bestie seem to hang together a lot. So much so, that people ask who she is and when she arrived on the scene.

The Original Footage On 1000-Lb Sisters

The new version of the footage was filmed by Tammy and Haley next to a pretty lake. However, the original wasn’t anywhere special. Still, they used most of the same words, with Haley acting as Amy. Originally, when Tammy snarled at Amy, “Try being my size, Amy,” it went viral. These days you can buy notebooks, tote bags, and clothing selling as merch. Additionally, a TikTokker saved it and shared it so people could go back and watch the iconic footage.


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In the Instagram reel posted by Haley, Tammy Slaton said her old words:

Try being my size, Amy. You don’t know how it is.

More followed and Haley snapped back, saying, “There is stuff you can do, you just want to be a big baby about everything.” So, Tammy said, “A baby? You’re the big baby.” 

TLC Fans Comment

Not many people who saw the new version of the TLC scene liked it. Here are some of their reasons for that:

  • Why [is] this woman sticking to Tammy like she [is] her skin?! Why is she voice overs Amy?! She aint no sister! She trying to make herself look better next to Tammy and clout chasing! Poor Tammy!
  • Tammy, NOTHING is stronger than blood. You pulled some “big *ss BS” and your sister still kept trying to help you. You will regret disrespecting Amy. Sad.
  • If they are such BFF’s where was she when Tammy was struggling and fighting for her life?
  • I just don’t think this “friend” would’ve had Tammy’s back at her lowest/heaviest! Just my intuition!

What are your thoughts about Haley reprising the iconic scene with Tammy Slaton? Do you think they were disrespectful to Amy? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your 1000-Lb Sisters news.

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