Tammy Slaton Confirmed As Dating Another Woman?

Tammy Slaton from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC, Sourced from YouTube

1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton sheds boyfriends as fast as she sheds her weight these days. Recently, it seems that she gave men the heave-ho and went off looking for a woman to love. In the past, she confessed that she’s pansexual, so nobody seems too surprised. This week, the news arrived that she’s got a serious relationship going. Perhaps this new relationship will last.

Tammy Slaton Looks For Real Love

Caleb Willingham passed away just over seven months ago after a marriage that lasted only a few months. When he died, his wife was in the process of divorcing him. Before the divorce came through, the TLC star was believed to be dating a TikTokker named Greg Morgan, per The Sun. Well, the outlet now notes that she’s dating another woman.

At one stage, rumors arrived that Tammy Slaton tried hooking back up with her old flame, Phillip Redmond, AKA, BBW King. And just days ago, there was allegedly a man named Kevin in her life. However, it seems that men are off her radar at the moment. For a time, she was linked to someone named Justice Faith. Well, fans on Reddit were happy to hear it didn’t last. Someone who had experienced her company alleged:

Justice and I were literally in a relationship until 1/2 when we broke up…she’s trash. She’s horrible. She’s a liar and currently lying about HERSELF having cancer. We literally broke up because I simply asked her about her health and yes I did question stuff that didn’t line up since she claims to have the same cancer and disease I had.. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Some 1000-Lb Sisters fans worry that girlfriends and boyfriends might distract the TLC star from her healthy lifestyle and commendable weight loss. Remember, she fell in love easily and then became very depressed when things didn’t work out.

1000-Lb Sisters Star Reportedly Dating Andrea

When The Sun mentioned her fling with Greg Morgan, it came in a new article on February 11 about Andrea. According to a source close to the situation, it’s a serious relationship. The outlet explained that Tammy lives in “Princeton” with her brother, “Chris Combs.” It’s about “30 miles away from Madisonville, Kentucky, where Andrea lives.”

Tammy Slaton - Instagram
Tammy Slaton – Instagram

Tammy Slaton allegedly met Andrea soon after she attended “the funeral of Caleb Willingham.” More followed, and she’s “happier than ever” dating Andrea. Hopefully, the magic keeps her in clouds of butterflies rising with the morning sun. The trouble is that fans know she falls hard. And they know she seems to get deeply hurt every time she gets close to someone. Of course, being a reality TV star on 1000-Lb Sisters might attract the wrong person.

At least, Andrea seems hesitant to appear in front of the camera. In the past, the TLC star dated Jerry Sykes, and fans believed he enabled her unhealthy appetite because he had a fetish for large women.

What are your thoughts about Tammy Slaton being in a serious relationship with another woman? Do you hope that this time, it works out for her? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your 1000-Lb Sisters news.

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