Chris Combs & Tammy Slaton Thinner Than Ever: Photo

Chris Combs and Tammy Slaton from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC Sourced from YouTube

Chris Combs and Tammy Slaton appear to have lost a significant amount of weight and fans couldn’t be happier for them.

Although Tammy took longer than the rest of her siblings to accomplish her goals, fans are thrilled that she’s headed in the right direction. And on top of that, Chris has made monumental strides when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The 1000-Lb Sisters stars recently shared a photo to show off how far they’ve truly come. Keep reading to see the photo and see what fans had to say.

Chris Combs & Tammy Slaton strike a pose and show off their progress

Fans that follow the 1000-Lb Sisters cast online know that the family recently took a trip to Florida together. The family members shared glimpses of the trip on their social media pages. Some fans even saw them out filming at the beach.

But what fans really noticed was that several of the cast members seem to really be trimming down.

Chris Combs from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLCSourced from YouTube
1000-Lb Sisters/TLC

Tammy Slaton surprised her fans when she worked hard throughout her rehab stay and qualified for bariatric surgery. Since then, she’s made fantastic progress. Chris Combs had his own bariatric surgery several seasons ago but is still working on maintaining his health. Skin removal surgery is one of his next goals.

Tammy recently shared an Instagram photo that got fans buzzing about their progress. In the image, Tammy and Chris are posing alongside comedian Chelcie Lynn. Chris beams from ear to ear while throwing up a peace sign while Tammy sits just behind him in her chair.

Tammy Slaton, Chris Combs, and Chelsie Lynn from Instagram
Tammy Slaton/Instagram

Right away, fans had plenty of kind words to say about their progress.

Queen Tammy looking all good … Keep up that good work. [You’re] doing great,” one Instagram user wrote on in the comments. 

Okay Chris!! Everyone looks so good!! Proud of [y’all]!” another added.

Tammy Slaton uploads a full-body snap and wows fans

Tammy Slaton doesn’t use her wheelchair as frequently these days. After receiving bariatric surgery, she finds it easier to move around on her own now. But it appears that she still uses the wheelchair on occasion for support.

Recently, the TLC star wowed fans when she uploaded a full-body photo to Instagram. Fans couldn’t believe how far Tammy has come from the first few episodes of 1000-Lb Sisters.

Tammy Slaton from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC Sourced from Instagram
Tammy Slaton/Instagram

If the show returns for Season 5, viewers can’t wait to explore the next chapter of the family’s lives. Each day, they seem to make more and more progress.

What do you think about Chris and Tammy’s weight loss efforts? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Be sure to check back soon for the latest news and updates with Chris, Tammy, and the rest of the 1000-Lb Sisters cast.

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