‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy & Tammy Slaton Have Secret Brother

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Amy and Tammy Slaton star on 1000-Lb Sisters, but TLC fans also met supporting characters,  Chris Combs and Amanda Halterman. Less often seen, is Misty Wentworth. In Season 1, fans met Darlene Rednour, the mom of the two main stars, and they heard she raised five children. Chris, Amanda, and Misty didn’t have the same father as Amy, Tammy, and Steven Slaton, the secret brother.

Amy And Tammy Slaton’s Immediate Siblings

1000-Lb Sisters fans know about the siblings, but it’s not always easy to figure out how they are related. Steven Slaton isn’t as secret as people think because Tammy mentioned him once on YouTube. When she and her sister caught up with their mom for a meal, Darlene was introduced as Rednour, not Slaton.

Amy and Tammy Slaton With Their Mom - 1000-Lb Sisters TLC YouTube
Amy and Tammy Slaton With Their Mom – 1000-Lb Sisters TLC YouTube

Darlene raised Amy and Tammy Slaton but not their half-brother, Steven. Other step-siblings include Crystal Collin and Wayne Rednour. It seems confusing basically because it is. When Darlene talked about raising five kids on 1000-Lb Sisters, it seemed that she referred to Misty, Chris, Amanda, Amy, and Tammy. As Steven was allegedly raised by his mom, Darlene didn’t have legal cause to raise him. Instead, his life took a different turn and he ended up living in Texas. Adding to the confusion, it all depends on where you read, and it seems a mess.

Darlene Raised Five Of The Kids

According to Meaww, “Darlene Rednour had one child, Misty, from the first man. She then had Amanda and Chris from father 2, and Tammy and Amy from father 3. It is believed that father 3 had a son named Steven. But, it is speculated that Steven’s mother is not Darlene.” For now, though, the focus is on Steven Slaton, who some fans didn’t know about.

The reason why so many fans believe Steven was kept a secret is that he never appeared on the 1000-Lb Sisters show. However, some outlets talked about him back in 2021. In the last month, TLC fans dropping in on Reddit added detail after an OP shared a photo of Steven. In the caption, they claimed he was a brother. Additional comments from the OP explained more.

Steven Slaton…For those who didnt know, they hv another brother named Steven Slaton…he lives in texas with his family…

Steven Slaton - Facebook Via Reddit
Steven Slaton – Facebook Via Reddit

The Rabbit Hole And Steven Slaton

TLC fans might find it easier just to lump all the kids on the show as Darlene’s children. There is a huge rabbit hole regarding all the fathers of Amy and Tammy Slaton and their siblings. However, a 1000-Lb Sisters fan in the comments section claims to know Steven personally.

I made an account just to comment on this lol, I know him personally. He doesn’t really want to be associated with the show that I know of. But that’s funny random people want to know who he is. He’s a really nice guy and has a lovely family.

Meaww dug into his family a little bit and they reported that Steven Slaton is active on Facebook. Some photos of Amy appear in his feed. However, he’s much given to sharing photos of his two children. The outlet also noted:

Information from Steven’s Facebook account indicates that he is from Springtown, Texas, and currently resides in the same place. Steven has studied Human resource management at Ashworth College and has worked at New Hope Baptist Church.


What are your thoughts about Steven Slaton? Are you glad that he seems to have broken the mold and gotten a good education? Have you heard of him before 2024? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your 1000-Lb Sisters news.

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