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Below Deck Med Captain Sandy Yawn was blissfully happy not long ago, when her girlfriend, Leah Shafer accepted her marriage proposal. However, they ran into problems since then, and allegedly, they have been scammed out of their money in a new home deal. Read on to find out what is going on.

Captain Sandy Yawn & Leah Shafer Hit A Big Snag

Below Deck Med fans wondered if the wedding would happen on the Bravo show. However, not much further news emerged. Possibly, they ran into problems and had to delay it. It takes money and time to plan a wedding. And, money problems seem to loom large in life at the moment. Instead of building a new life together in a new home, they lost their money.

Below Deck Med Captain Sandy Yawn, Leah Shafter Might Marry in May - Instgaram
Below Deck Med Captain Sandy Yawn, Leah Shafter Might Marry in May – Instagram

Captain Sandy Yawn isn’t the most popular crew member on the Bravo franchise. However, even haters might stop and take a breath at the amount of money they lost. Imagine being engaged, happy, soon to tie the knot, and then losing all your money. While some people, might call it karma, even former Captain Lee Roschbach might feel a twinge on her behalf.

Below Deck Med Star Buys A Home, Loses Money

People carried a story about the couple losing their money. Initially reported by First Coast News, you can see a video by them about it further down in this article. The Bravo star planned a move to “Nocatee” in St. Johns County. There,  they invested in a home with a developer. According to the article, it cost them “$1,6 Million” so far. However, it’s unfinished, and allegedly, the “Pineapple” developer skipped out on finishing it.

Below Deck Meds Captain Sandy Yawn and her fiance have to dig deep into their own pockets, and anticipate it will cost them up to $800K to get private contractors in. People cited the Bravo star as saying:

We dipped into our bank account and used every penny we had, and this is our finished product…We want justice and would like our money back along with the other victims.

In the comments section of the YouTube video by First Coast News, People reached out with their thoughts. Moist of them seemed to care very much.

  • Sorry Sandy. This is to everyone and anyone. Be very careful when you do anything in Florida. The Sharks take no prisoners. We had a home built in Nocatee three years ago. I was on the job every day including weekends cleaning up debris left by workers. Warranty work was a total HEADACHE. The warranty department always had an excuse for everything. For Sandy and everyone else in her neighborhood I wish you the best of luck.
  • Never. Ever. Give more money than the work completed, should always be progress payments.

What are your thoughts about a developer allegedly running out on Captain Sandy Yawn and leaving her and Leah Shafer broke? Do you hope it can be resolved? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Below Deck Med news.

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