‘Below Deck’ Fans Say Captain Sandy’s Rehab Tour Is Over?

Captain Sandy Yawn [Source: YouTube]

Below Deck fans are upset with Captain Sandy Yawn once again. They don’t like the way that she’s been treating chief stew, Fraser Olender. This comes after some accused her of favoring the interior over the exterior team. Sandy tried to rehab her image after Hannah Ferrier’s controversial firing in Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean.

The yacht captain wanted to focus on positivity. Sandy used her social media platform to influence and inspire her fans and followers. She also wanted to speak out on important issues like heart health and alcoholism. Fans are claiming that her “rehab image tour” is over since her true colors came out.

Captain Lee Rosbach & Captain Sandy Yawn [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Does Captain Sandy favor the exterior team?

On Monday’s episode of Below Deck, Captain Sandy Yawn expressed more issues with the interior team. She warned them that the “walls are thin” on the boat and she could hear what they were saying about her. What also doesn’t help matters is that the interior team stood around and didn’t do their job. It wasn’t a good look, especially when Fraser’s job is on the line.

He continues to struggle with his leadership role in the new episode. In the meantime, Alissa doubled down on her comments that Captain Sandy “sucks deck crew’s d***.” She didn’t say it to her face, but it was clear that comment bothered her. Sandy was in her office, which is on the other side of the galley.

Captain Sandy Yawn [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Below Deck fans didn’t understand why Captain Sandy went after Fraser when Alissa made the comment. She warned him for the final time. Captain Sandy asked the crew to show respect and to learn their boundaries. Fans were upset when Captain Sandy told Fraser that he was the worst chief stew that she ever dealt with. Some took to Twitter to remind her of the time when she fired Hannah.

Below Deck fans blame Captain Sandy

Captain Sandy grew visibly annoyed with the interior throughout the episode. Below Deck fans noticed that her true colors came on this season. Up to this point, Sandy tried to stay out of crew drama and took a backseat so they could shine on their own. Some of the outspoken Below Deck fans took to Twitter to call her out and blame her for the issues with the interior.

  • “Alissa has been god awful this episode but she is 100% correct that Captain Sandy sucks deck crew dick.”
  • “They have respect for authority – they just don’t have respect for or FROM you Sandy.”
  • “God she’s just such an a**hole.”
  • “We know Sandy has over 30 years of experience. She finishes every sentence with it.”
  • “There’s the Sandy that drives me insane. Fraser answered her and his reasons. She slaps it off. RUDE. Now her attitude was sickening.”
  • “I miss Captain Lee.”

During that same episode, Captain Sandy encouraged the crew members to take part in a game of volleyball. She explained that it was a “team-building exercise” that can help both the interior and exterior crews. Unsurprisingly, the interior team ended up losing. Captain Sandy blamed Fraser for not participating because of his foot injury.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Captain Sandy’s true colors came out? Do you think she’s the problem or does the problem lies with the interior team? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I like Captain Sandy if it were me both of the 2 staff members would be gone. Frazier just wants to be their friend can’t do that when in supervisor position. Leave Captain Sandy alone she isn’t the problem. Deck crew does their jobs and interior doesn’t plain & simple.

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