Who is ‘Below Deck Med’ Captain Sandy Yawn Kicking Off The Boat?

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Below Deck Med Captain Sandy Yawn has had enough! A feud between crew member Tumi Mhlongo and Natalya Scudder has reached an all-time high. Captain Sandy has told Tumi “You’re in a leadership role and you need to rise above because right now I am ready to put you both off the boat”. Captain Sandy also told Natalya “You haven’t given her a fair chance. I can’t tolerate this”. It sounds like both girls are at risk of being fired and asked to leave the motor yacht Mustique.

The Feud On Below Deck Med

Natalya Scudder started off this charter season as the chief stew of the motor yacht Mustique. This is due to Tumi Mhlongo being stuck waiting for her Visa. It was with the expectation that once Tumi received all the proper documentation and her Visa, Natalya would step down. And Tumi would become chief stew. Who could have predicted this would not go as planned? When Tumi arrived on the boat one of the first things she did was degrade the organization of the vessel. The organization that Natalya had done. This started a feud between the two crew members. That feud has now escalated to the point of both of them potentially getting fired.


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Natalya Scudder stated “She needs to appreciate the fact that I set up the flow and the boat is in a good place. There is a correct way to step into this role and it is to have a respectful hand over and come in with good energy”. Tumi Mhlongo responded with “Clearly she did a great job on the charter and I would be excited to work with someone like that. But also, how would she like it if someone started going off the way she did in the beginning? I am sure she wouldn’t like it at all”.

It Just Keeps Getting Worse

Following a very controversial first meeting Natalya Scudder shocked her fellow crew members by referring to Tumi Mhlongo as a “f-cking b-tch”. Afterward, Tumi goes to Kyle Veljoen and tells him “I know you’re mates with her, but Nat needs to stay in her lane because Tumi losing her s—t will end up in her walking off”. Kyle responds to Tumi by saying “I did tell you she’s something that came for all of us”. Things get worse when Kyle tells Natalya about Tumi saying she would fire Natalya if things did not change.

The situation continues to a boiling point when Natlaya and Tumi get into an argument with guests on board. Tumi Mhlongo says to Natalya Scudder “stop talking back to me. You have been attacking me since day 1, I am a first time chief stew but I do know what I am doing”. Natalya responds with “You stepped on board with the worst attitude. There was no appreciation, so you can come handle it [with me but] don’t talk to Kyle about it. Talk to me about it.” No wonder Captain Sandy Yawn is ready to fire both of these girls. It seems they just can’t get it together.

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