‘Below Deck’ Captain Lee Rages At Fan

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Below Deck Captain Lee recently ranted at a fan who claimed former crew member Eddie Lucas has a drug problem. Captain Lee blasted the fan on Twitter after a chain of comments resulted in one fan commenting that Eddie was indeed mixed up with drugs. Captain Lee’s response was less than friendly.

Eddie Lucus On Drugs

OG Below Deck Crew members Captain Lee and bosun/first officer Eddie Lucas have appeared together on the show over several seasons. Fans have been wondering where Eddie went after he left the show at the end of Season 9.

Fans went to Twitter on April 5th to pose the question as to what Eddie Lucas is up to. One fan even directed their question at Captain Lee. The fan says “Hey captain is Eddie ok? I know he does tug boats I’m sure everything is shut down.” Captain Lee stated that “Eddie is well and doing fine.” Another fan chimed in to say “Eddie has a drug problem.”

Eddie Lucas On Season 9 Below Deck [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
Within the hour Captain Lee had responded to the hateful comment. Lee states “you are so misinformed, and to spread such lies earned you a block. Well done DB.” Fans responded to Captain Lee immediately. One fan states “Imagine getting a block by the (one and only) captain Lee…. I think it would hurt worse than finding out about Santa!” Another fan added: “This person deserves the block ! Thank you Captain Lee!”

Eddie’s Past

This isn’t Eddie Lucas’s first time in the news for drama regarding his use of drugs. After former crew member Hannah Ferrier was found with drugs in her possession Eddie stated he would he would “have a good time” with the drugs. In an interview with Andy Cohen about the incident with Hannah Eddie stated that “I would’ve taken it and gone to the closest Phish concert and would’ve had a great time.”

Eddie laughed and went on to explain “No, if I had found that stuff, the first thing I probably would’ve done would be go and talk directly to the person and been like, you know, ‘Get rid of it. Get it off the boat and let’s never speak of this again.’

Eddie Lucas Calls Out Unfair Below Deck Wages [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
Eddie continued to explain that “if the crews’ or the guests’ safety was at all in jeopardy from her (Hannah’s) behavior from taking the drugs, then absolutely I would’ve brought it to the captain’s attention and if it’s THC or CBD, I don’t know, but I think the first line of order would’ve been drug testing. That really is the normal procedure in that case.” All joking aside it sounds Like Eddie, in the end, will follow procedure and keep all crew members and guest safe while aboard.

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