‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Reacts To Two Huge Nominations

Kelly Ripa - Mark Consuelos - ABC YouTube

Kelly Ripa is famous for Live with Kelly and Mark and previous editions of the morning talk show and she recently reacted to two big nominations. She received her sixth Daytime Emmy Award, recently. And she and Mark Consuelos received another Emmy nomination together. Additionally, she’s been honored as one of “Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2024.” When she reacted to the news, Mark Consuelos beamed with pride. They just returned from a quick trip to Africa before the red-carpet interviews.

‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Gets A Glowing Report From Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper hosted the ABC ‘Live’ show in the past A few times, he filled in for Kelly and co-hosted with Mark Consuelos. He seems to have a very high regard for her, and she thinks he’s excellent. He wrote a piece about the mom of three with a great reputation on television. He said some nice things in the Time article about her being so influential.

Anderson Cooper - Mark Consuelos - Live with Kelly, YouTube
Anderson Cooper – Mark Consuelos – Live with Kelly, YouTube

In part, he said about the Live with Kelly and Mark host:

Kelly is impossibly self-deprecating and would never admit it, but she is one of the greatest broadcasters in television history, and she continues to reach new heights. She wrote a best-selling memoir, started a popular podcast, and welcomed a new co-host, her husband of nearly 28 years, Mark Consuelos. Would audiences want to watch a happily married couple who’ve raised three genuinely good kids? Yes. The ratings are up, and Kelly has never been better.

Mark Consuelos & Kelly React To Time Influencer Recognition & Emmys

Lots of reporters arrived and interviews revealed that Mark Consuelos seems extremely proud of his wife. Speaking with Access Hollywood, about their popularity, Kelly said:

You know, these are very fractured times for people…right now. People seem to be sort of in a dark place. and I think what our show provides, and what it’s always provided, is a little levity, a little break from the news [and] stress of what’s going on….we provide a respite from that.

Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos - Live with Kelly and Mark - YouTube
Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos – Live with Kelly and Mark – ABC YouTube

Mark Consuelos told the reporter that he feels “so proud” of Kelly. “I consider her an icon,” he added. Then, he talked about the “family,” saying, “We couldn’t be more proud.” 

The couple also chatted with ET Online and Kelly Ripa seemed self-deprecating. She and Mark Consuelos were praised for their Emmy nominations and for her place on the list of Time’s most influential people. Mentioning Anderson Cooper, she felt that he was the best in the business. Of course, she felt thrilled that he’d said she was “one of the greatest broadcasters in television history.” 

Live with Kelly and Mark Host Jokes About Influence At Home

Kelly Ripa also joked about how she doesn’t have as “much influence at home” as she does on the Live with Kelly and Mark show. So, she hoped they would give her a “medal” or a “badge” that she could flash around. Meanwhile, Mark could not stop his smile as he kept on talking about his pride in her. He also said that the last year working with her was the “best year” ever.

What are your thoughts about Kelly Ripa being honored so much? Are you glad that Mark Consuelos is so proud of his wife? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Live with Kelly and Mark news. 

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