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‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Aren’t Buying ‘Lazy’ Michael Halterman

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Some 1000-Lb. Sisters fans are furious with Michael Halterman and others admit they aren’t buying the “lazy” husband and father story arc. Why are fans so on the fence about whether they believe TLC is painting an accurate picture of Amy Halterman’s husband? Keep reading for a rundown on what fans are talking about.

Michael Halterman just suffered from COVID

Now, Michael Halterman is a bigger guy. COVID is a nasty illness that is hard for anyone to recover from. Some fans have forgotten that even when Michael no longer had COVID, he could have still been feeling some of the aftermath of the condition. This could have caused him to be lethargic, pained, and getting winded easily. Fans were quick to blast Michael for not helping with the children. But, it is possible he was still just run down from having COVID.

Michael Halterman - Amy Halterman - 1000 lb sisters
Michael Halterman – Amy Halterman – 1000 lb sisters

He wasn’t lazy when he was carting Tammy everywhere

Some 1000-Lb. Sisters fans admit the real reason they have a hard time getting on board with the “lazy” Michael story arc is that they watched Michael behind Tammy’s wheelchair pushing her everywhere for years. Fans question how could Michael be considered lazy when he was so willing to push Tammy anywhere she needed to go in her wheelchair for years. For years, fans felt terrible as they watched Michael push Tammy around in her wheelchair. They, however, also thought it was incredible that he was willing to do that for his wife and his sister. Now, fans are saying that same man could hardly be considered lazy. On the contrary, fans speculate Michael might just be tired.

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Michael Halterman has a job. He drives his wife anywhere she needs to go because she can’t drive. And, he pushed her sister around in a wheelchair for years. With all of this information in mind, some fans just aren’t buying the lazy storyline. If anything, fans speculate maybe Michael wasn’t as ready for a second child as Amy was and now he’s stuck on a ride he can’t get off of.

Amy Halterman - Gage Youtube

Is Michael Halterman the one dodging a bullet? There are some fans who believe Michael is the lucky one if the divorce rumors are true as Amy seems to have abandoned her diet and is slowly gaining her weight back.

Are you buying the lazy Michael Halterman storyline? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more 1000-Lb. Sisters news.

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  1. I think Michael needed to help Amy with Gage and Glen when needed. He has to be a more hands on dad to them and helpful husband to Amy. Consider Amy more than stuffing his face Amy needs you’re help! He needs to show Amy he is there for her and their children. Man up Michael you have to show responsibility for Amy and you guys children get off you’re a#% dude. Plus Amy crying like she did looked as if she was going through “postpartum depression” which I went through too. If it wasn’t for my parents after I had my first baby I don’t know where I’d be. My second baby I got help from my family and friends. It’s really hard after giving birth to feel all alone. Some of us just need a little more help. After we pass through postpartum then we’ll be ok. It took me 3
    months after I had my first baby and about 10weeks to get over PPD after having my second baby. So sad to see Amy break down this way. 😞

  2. I agree. Michael should be helping her. Michael didn’t even say he felt bad when asked about Covid, all he said was he was hungry. I’ve had covid and sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but the world does not stop turning because of that. Michael was home for TEN days alone and Amy had a c-section. There is no reason at all that he could not pick up that house in 10 days time. I had covid and still had to clean the house, do dishes, do laundry, etc. What else did he have to do since he couldn’t work?

    1. I think Michael is still feeling the after effects of covid, you don’t understand what your body goes thru til you had it, I finally got my smell and taste back 3 months later, I’ve seen Michael bend over backwards for his wife’s Sister Tammy and let’s not forget Amy doesn’t have a license so Michael takes them everywhere plus works a full time job!! so tell me again how lazy Michael is, Because I’m not seeing it. Thank you, Have a Great Day😊

  3. If he had COVID, who knows how long he had it. It can make you slow. It’s ironic her sister is divorcing Michael’s brother. So she left him to live with Tammy. Michael let Tammy live with them, ran errands, pushed 500 lbs in a wheelchair, work, listen to a wife complaining about having children to care for, when SHE wanted to have them. Girl, soon Tammy and her husband will make changes in their lives, and don’t you dare encourage Tammy to eat, and rip her stitches. You can’t blame pregnancy weight the rest of your life. We see ya!! Michael can have a love that appreciate his stability real soon. People have been raising two children close in age, since the beginning of time…deal with it, or let their Dad raise them.

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