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Amy & Michael Halterman Unrecognizable In Old Photos

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1000-Lb. Sisters fans agree Amy and Michael Halterman look unrecognizable in some old photos that have surfaced on Reddit. The OP of the thread that found the photo admits they had to do a double-take as they didn’t even realize it was Amy Halterman in the photo at first. Fans were in agreement this was Amy and Michael Halterman like they’d never seen them before.

What do these photos look like? And, what all do 1000-Lb. Sisters fans have to say about them? Keep scrolling to see the pictures and the fan chatter!

Photo Credit: TLC

Amy and Michael Halterman deemed unrecognizable

A thread featuring some old photos of Amy and Michael Halterman have surfaced. The OP of the Reddit thread noted that they did not recognize the couple “at first glance.” The photo appeared to be a professional photo session. Amy and Michael both looked happy and in love in these photos.

Wow! I wouldn’t have recognized Amy at first glance from 1000lbsisters

Despite being morbidly obese, many 1000-Lb. Sisters fans admitted Amy looked absolutely beautiful in the photos. Both Amy and Michael had different hairstyles and they looked pretty young in the photos. So, fans agreed they looked unrecognizable.

1000-Lb. Sisters fans give the couple love and hate

Reactions to these old photos were a bit mixed. Unfortunately, not everyone had great things to say about Amy and Michael. One individual noted Michael’s face looked so awkward attached to his body that it felt as though someone photoshopped it on. Another fan admitted they could not get over Michael Halterman’s hair in the photo. He looked like a whole different person!

Amy Halterman was also rocking much longer hair than she sports in Season 3 of 1000-Lb. Sisters. Many reacting to her hair note that she actually looks really great with long locks and she should consider letting her hair grow back out.

Photo Credit| TLC

Here are some of the other things fans had to say about these old photos:

  • “Omg I love it! She should do that to her hair, the color looks great actually.”
  • “Michael doesn’t look half bad there!”
  • “Is that really them? He looks really handsome! And hair!”
  • “This might be the proof we need that if Tammy lost enough weight, her forehead lump may in fact significantly recede, or go away.”

One 1000-Lb. Sisters fan admits they wish the photographer would have done a better job with putting Amy and Michael in poses that worked better for their body sizes. But, overall, fans loved these old photos.

Photo Credit: TLC

What do you think of these old photos of Amy Halterman and Michael? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Amy, with every pound you lost, your face got prettier. Keep it up girl. Work on you. Not your sister.
    Tammy is so ugly. Not on the outside though. She’s a horrible on the inside.

    1. So true about Tammy very ugly in and out. She will die before she even looses anything. I for one just don’t care about her anymore. You go Amy keep doing you girl.

      1. Tammy has mental issues. She is so worried about finding a man she doesn’t put that same effort in losing weight.
        She has a rude attitude when it comes to people that are really trying to help her. I really think she should be sent to a hospice.where she can’t just walk out or
        Or sign herself out. She’s ada get to herself, and others. So the best thing her family can do for her is sending her somewhere to get the help she needs, and seems not to do for herself. It only takes 2 signatures from her family.
        Tammy’s going to die if she doesn’t get help. Cause Tammy’s not going to help herself that’s been proven.

        1. Very WELL Put. Truly Tammy is Mentally Ill. Its become more evident the more the producers ask Her poignant questions.
          Her family CARES about HER & it just infuriates Her.

          Tammy KEEPS saying “Leave me alone” in words & deeds. It seems THEY would realize that Tammys CONDITION Is BEYOND Their Love & CARE.

    1. Seriously- I think Claudia said it perfectly! That “haters will be haters ” is poor excuse . I don’t think people hate Tammy , they don’t like her spoiled, manipulating, stubborn, ugly character!

    2. Me Too Melba. I look forward to each new Episode.
      If Tammy is put away then the show might end.

      Tammys Life is more important than Our Entertainment.

      Hopefully the show/Producers are looking ahead to another problem to keep the show on.

      If THEY DONT get help for Tammy & something BAD Happens to Tammy they will regret it big time.

    1. Amy getting pregnant again isn’t going to help with her weight loss goals. She didn’t even lose her “baby fat” from Gage and she’s doing it again. If she’s careful she’s going to be right back where she was before her surgery.

  2. Yep Tammy’s not even participating in the show she’s only here to find herself a man into abuse everybody
    Amy and her husband and her brother need to just do them lose the weight work on yourself your family Amy’s got a kid she’s got to worry about and I think another one on the way so she doesn’t need to be bothered with Tammy anymore Tammy’s not going to help herself that no one else needs to try she was already told that if she don’t lose weight she’s going to die the dialogue is just getting to be repetitive so I’m taking a break I’m tired of the same old bullcrap with Tammy is just getting boring I’ll check in off and on to see how Amy her husband and her brother are doing

  3. Tammy needs to stop being mean to everyone and above all she needs to stop blaming everyone else for her obesity. She is her own worst enemy!!!

  4. Tammy has a bad attitude! Everything I watch 600lbs they say eat due to emotional things that happened to them. I grew up with my Mom hitting, and hating me. At the age of 7 I was molested by 2 family members. I had 2 boyfriends thar beat me. I’m not over weight.

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