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Michael Halterman Says ‘Sorry,’ Messed Up BIG Time With Amy?

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Is Michael Halterman of 1000-Lb. Sisters trying to make amends after messing up BIG time with his wife Amy?

The couple reportedly split up, headed for divorce

A bombshell was dropped on 1000-Lb. Sisters fans last night. A news story broke claiming that Amy and Michael Halterman had split up. The story reported it was more than just some much-needed time apart. Amy Halterman was reportedly ready to end the marriage and preparing to file for divorce. Likewise, the report claimed that Amy took both boys with her and left Michael alone at their family home. Amy was rumored to be bunking with her sister Tammy and her husband Caleb.

Now, this bombshell seems to have come out of left field. But, fans watched Michael Halterman do nothing as Amy struggled to juggle two young children on her own. The hearts of fans broke as they watched Amy crumble under the emotional stress of being a mother of two young children.

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Michael instantly became enemy number one as fans ripped him across social media and ordered him to get up and help his wife take care of the children. Fans were FURIOUS as Michael comfortably ate his food while Amy struggled with both of their children.

The report the couple has split up claims that Michael Halterman is not happy about sharing his wife Amy with two children. And, they’ve reportedly been struggling with their marriage for nearly a year.

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Michael Halterman apologizes for messing up

Neither Michael nor Amy has gone public with a statement on what is happening with their marriage. On Reddit, however, one fan claims to be friends with Michael Halterman on Facebook. This individual claims that Michael was sharing links to very apologetic poems on his wall as he attempted to make amends and apologize for messing up.

The individual claimed: “He posted on Facebook a link to I’m sorry poems and tagged Amy and he said he messed up real bad.”

Naturally, fans wondered what Michael Halterman could have done to his wife, Amy. One fan speculated they could see Michael emotionally cheating on Amy with a fan of the show. Others speculated Amy may have just reached a breaking point with how lazy her husband was and his refusal to help her with the kids.

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One fan chimed in: “From what I’ve seen of him it probably wasn’t a big incident, but the relationship crumbled from him not stepping up with the kids. A lot of women get overwhelmed doing almost everything for their kids, and having to always ask the father for help while you’re so overwhelmed is the straw that breaks the camels back.”

Unfortunately, fans really don’t have anything concrete on what is happening with this couple at this point in time. Fans remain hopeful this is all some sort of hoax and Michael and Amy are not really breaking up.

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  1. Yup, not the least bit surprised about this. They should never have gotten together. Ole Caleb there is gonna split from TamTamTam soon. This whole family is nothing but a sorry disaster and more Terrible Life Choices victims.

  2. I just love Amy she’s been my favorite from the first show I’ve seen.Amy you do you keep being the best mommy the world can see you were meant to be your mom I think we all second guess ourselves as parents sometimes it’s natural.Good luck wish you all the happiness in the world 😁

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