Amy & Michael Halterman Like Letting Gage Make The Decisions

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1000-Lb. Sisters stars Amy and Michael Halterman love to let their son, Gage make decisions. Although the young one is just 2 years old, his parents want him to have an equal say in everything. Last year, the TLC stars invested $37K in their new home in Kentucky. Given that their family is growing, they decided to leave Tammy Slaton and start a new life. So, what are these decisions Amy Halterman and her husband want Gage to take? Keep reading to find out the details!

Amy Halterman Wants To Load Up And Leave Out

Amy Halterman is a great mom and has been pushing herself to be healthy for her children’s future. So, it is obvious that she would want the best for both Gage and Glenn. Before they moved to the new house, in a clip shared by TLC on Instagram, Amy wanted Gage to be able to decide his new room color.

In the video, the mother of two seemed excited to move into her new house. She says, “Now that I have told Tammy we are moving, I feel less stressed. I just want to get Gage and Michael and load up the car and leave out.”

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As Michael records the 35-year-old for her video vlogs, she reveals to her viewers, “We are moving! We bought a house and Gage has his very own special room. And, as parents, we want to keep him involved with making plans and Gage knows what he likes.”

Amy Halterman Wants Gage To Pick His Room Color

Amy Halterman further explained how the young one chooses everything from what he wants to eat to the outfit he wants for the day. Moreover, he also picks clothes for his mother when they are at the store. But how does a 2-year-old do that? Amy reveals, he simply puts things in the cart and she buys them.

In her confessional, she reveals that it is important for her that Gage picks the color of his room because it’s his room. “He should have a say so in how his room gets colored, “she explains.

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She then shows her viewers the process via which she confirms that her son likes one or the other option. The TLC star revealed that the toddler does so by touching things. “If he don’t touch it, he don’t like it, “she added.

The TLC star then puts up three color cards before Gage asks him to choose one he likes. And almost immediately, he picked the Watertown color which is a shade of bright blue with a heavy yellow undertone.

Tammy Slaton Isn’t Happy About Amy Moving Out

Amy and Michael Halterman’s new house is just 30 minutes away from their old home and is built in a 1584 square foot area. When Amy broke the news to Tammy that she was moving soon, her sister had a cold response with no show of happiness or excitement. Tammy responded, “Okay. Whatever.” Although she ultimately asked her sister to go for it, fans feel she is jealous of Amy. They even think Tammy worries she won’t have anyone to take care of her.

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What do you think of Amy Halterman involving Gage in decisions from a young age? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with TV Shows Ace for more on 1000-Lb. Sisters.

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