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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Can’t Get Over Gabe Brown’s Eyeliner

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Alaskan Bush People fans can’t seem to get over how Gabe Brown lives his life. Even in a post where Gabe celebrates his birthday, so-called fans still take the time to insult and judge him in the comments.

Here is a look at what Gabe’s fans said to him on his birthday.

Alaskan Bush People fans insult Gabe on his birthday

Gabe Brown took to Instagram to post a picture of him smiling on his birthday. On the photo, Gabe wrote “Happy Birthday 12/15.” In the comments, he wrote, “Got a little bit older today.” However, while there were some fans who sent Gabe well wishes on his birthday, others were extremely rude and judgmental about the Alaskan Bush People star.

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In the comment at the top of his post, one commenter wrote that they loved Gabe but then said, “Lighten up on the EYELINER!!” and then asked why he wears it. There were then 41 people in the responses to that comment. While some came out and agreed that they didn’t like Gabe wearing eyeliner, others came to his defense and told people to stop being so judgmental. One even mentioned the legendary David Bowie as someone who wore eyeliner in the past.

However, too many fans felt the need to pass judgment on Gabe just because he likes to wear eyeliner. One wrote he needed to lose it because the “time has come.” One other fan then equated the eyeliner to him becoming a different person, writing, “this guy he used to have a light in him now he has this darkness.”

With that said, there were others who came out and defended Gabe’s choice to wear eyeliner. One wrote, “And as far as the eyeliner, if it’s your thing, go for it!”

Why does Gabe Brown wear eyeliner?

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There might be some Alaskan Bush People fans who wonder why Gabe Brown is wearing eyeliner. While some passed judgment on him for both his perceived sexuality and for his “darkness,” the reason is likely a lot simpler. Gabe has worn eyeliner for most of the last year since the death of his father, Billy.

Earlier in the most recent season of Alaskan Bush People, one fan on Reddit said that Gabe looked almost “deformed” and also mentioned his eyeliner. That fan ended up put in his place by other fans, who said that wearing braces was not a “deformity” and that his eyeliner likely had to do with his wife. Gabe’s wife is into the goth lifestyle, and one aspect of that is eyeliner. Look at actors like Jared Leto as an example.

His family has also come to his defense. While Raiven Brown recently left Bear, she told fans in a TikTok video to stop being judgmental, saying, “honestly the most annoying comment recently he can wear whatever he wants. Why y’all worried about another man’s choices.”

Should the fans leave Gabe Brown alone about how he dresses and presents himself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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