Why Is Gabe Wearing Eyeliner On ‘Alaskan Bush People’?

Gabe Brown on Alaskan Bush People

For the last year, fans who follow Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown on social media can’t get over one fact. The brother who was at one time known for his mutton chops is now known for wearing eyeliner. This is something a lot of fans can’t seem to get over.

On the Alaskan Bush People season premiere, the show even touched on this in a humorous scene. Despite this, fans are still wanting to know what is up with the eyeliner.

What is Gabe doing on Alaskan Bush People?

Gabe Brown was on the season premiere of Alaskan Bush People and was featured a lot in the episode. After a short intro explaining that it has been a year since Billy Brown died and three weeks since Raiven and Bear Brown got married, Bam Bam and Gabe were the first Brown siblings to show up. A fire destroyed the family ranch last year, and the brothers wanted to get it back up and running.

Alaskan Bush People's Gabe Brown

Bam Bam led this effort. There is a wood shortage right now, and Bam identified a batch of dead trees out in the woods. He brought in Gabe and the two of them chopped down trees so they could bring them in to help rebuild homes, put up fences, and more to get the ranch back up and going. Bam’s goal is to make the ranch profitable again.

Gabe struggled early on, cutting a tree in the wrong direction, and watched it lodge into another tree. Luckily, the two brothers pulled it down. Up next, Gabe figured out that they could send the logs down the hill like a ski luge. When that didn’t work, they loaded it into trucks to get it down the hill.

When they reached a logging camp, they unloaded it for someone to help them cut it up and that is when the man looked at Gabe. He said that there was something different about him. He then nodded and said, “you’re wearing eyeliner.” Gabe said “yep” and the man said “weird” and moved on.

Gabe wearing eyeliner on Alaskan Bush People

Gabe has been wearing eyeliner for much of the last year. He wears it in his Instagram photos and has no problem putting it on no matter what he is doing. He showed that by wearing it as he worked hard to get the wood down the hill with Bam Bam.

A man comments on Gabe Brown's eyeliner on Alsakan Bush People

Fans on Reddit pointed out the eyeliner and wondered what was going on with the Brown sibling. The OP wrote that they “can’t stop noticing how much ol’ Gabe has changed. He looks nearly deformed and really unhealthy.” They then mentioned the eyeliner.

One response mentioned that Gabe started wearing the eyeliner after Billy died and might be going through a goth stage. Another questioned his sexuality, but then another mentioned that his wife is into goth and that might be where he got it from.

Back in January, Raiven came to Gabe’s defense when people mocked his appearance. In a TikTok video, someone told her to tell Gabe to stop wearing eyeliner. Raiven responded, “honestly the most annoying comment recently he can wear whatever he wants. Why y’all worried about another man’s choices… literally doesn’t make a difference how he chooses to express himself.”

Did you watch the season premiere of Alaskan Bush People? What did you think of Gabe’s role in the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. We live in a time when anything goes. Kills me. With all the hurt and pain in the world,how are we going to pick on one of the good guys. So sad.

    1. amen!! and so much of that backwoods crap is just fake. they know all about modern technology etc. some of the stuff they do is absolutely asinine.

  2. To me, he’s unrecognizable. I miss the old Gabe. The eyeliner is so “in your face” that when I look at him it’s all I see.

  3. I am actually enjoying the new season it’s going to be fun watching all the kids doing things on their own they have grown up and are becoming their own individuals in their own ways but still a group I think it’s nice.

  4. I love the Brown family! love watching their shows & have been enjoying seeing each of them move forward in their own journey after their dad passing away. I lost my mom while pregnant w/ my daughter and know how devastating it is.. the loss, the grief so I’m proud of all of them for trying to pick up the pieces. That’s not easy. & as far as Gabe goes, he can do whatever he wants, he’s a grown man. So what! he may be a little different he wears eyeliner. I mean if everyone was exactly the same in this world just imagine how that would be! So to the ones talking bad about him or any of the Brown family, I say get a life! You don’t have to watch if you don’t like it ppl! I must admit I love me some Bam ❤️ he’s probably my favorite! 🥰

  5. I have watched this show since day one and look forward each week for the next episode. I’ve often wondered and found a number of things they did odd, like why Byrd never had her teeth fixed (it’s not like they don’t have the money) or why is Bam such a patient man with his siblings who all have “quirks” of some sort? But who cares cause I guess that’s why I’ve watched the show for so long. They really did lose a lot in 2021 and hopefully their luck will change, for each one of them, this year. Blessings and prayers for Byrd and her health issues.

  6. Let him wear what helps him express himself.if he starts drinking cussing or drugs .he suffer for it. So will the show.still has values.like his parents taught! That’s why I love the show because the Bushkids still.have respect&values. Not much of that left in society. That’s sad.

    1. He has a perfect right to wear any makeup he chooses. Most people wouldn’t wear it while felling a tree or performing laborious
      tasks in the tundra. But it is his choice.

  7. Yes, l guess he can express himself in any way he wants ! And so can l…he looks faggy! Where have the days gone that guys were guys, girls were girls and they didn’t try to disguise who they are??? Totally confused society!!!

  8. Have looks strange, but he’s a strange person so deal with it. Have to admit it’s hard to look at him and think of him as a big, strong man.

  9. people are really sad if someone’s appearance bothers them so much that they have to be jerks about it. who cares? maybe they are satisfied with someone as judgmental as you NOT watching them. SMH 😢

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