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‘ABP’ Gabe Brown Expresses His Feelings Through Art

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One thing that fans of Alaskan Bush People can expect from the show and the cast is a focus on their strong religious beliefs. Religion plays a powerful role in their family and all the Brown siblings are open about their beliefs. Youngest son, Gabe Brown, is no different.

Gabe is also an aspiring artist, and he has just created a recent work of art that shows off his belief system.

Gabe Brown shows off beliefs through art

Noah Brown on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap
Noah Brown on Alaskan Bush People – Episode

The Brown family has no problem letting people know they are Christians. Some are pretty hardcore about it, such as Rain. Earlier this year, she went after a company selling a shirt that said the devil doesn’t discriminate. However, for Gabe Brown, he takes a little different approach. He speaks to other believers, but doesn’t attack those with different beliefs.

His recent sharing of artwork is an example of that. The picture that he drew was of a man with long hair and no shirt. He had chiseled abs and held what looked like a ball in his hands. While first thoughts was that it might be an anime character or superhero, it was God. The ball was the world. Around it were words like “I love you,” “I hate my life,” “he’s dead,” “you’re fired,” and more.

In the caption, Gabe wrote, “God has the whole world, in his hands, I don’t know about you, but when I hear that it sounds effortless right? Take a look through your Bible though, nothing could be easy about such an undertaking, especially with how complex life is.” He then wrote that he thought it was cool and wanted to share it even though it isn’t finished yet.

He then wrote something poignant and respectful. “I know not everyone has the same views in life or about such things, but I truly believe freedom of religion is an important part of freedom itself.”

Gabe Brown | Instagram
Gabe Brown | Instagram

Gabe Brown there for his family on Alaskan Bush People

Gabe Brown has showed that his beliefs carry over to his actions in life. On the current season of Alaskan Bush People, Gabe has made it clear that he wants to build a house for him, his wife, and kids to live in close to the ranch. However, when he learned his sister was in need of help, he left everything to go to her.

Birdie had two tumors removed, but she insisted on going to Alaska with her brother Noah to revisit her old home while he looked for a new house. Rain went along to watch after Birdie, but the 19-year-old also skippered the boat and she has paid for it. In the last episode, Rain fell ill with all her stress and responsibilities building up.

Luckily, Gabe Brown was there just in time. He showed up unexpectedly and said he was there to help in any way that he could. They couldn’t have asked for a better brother.

Have you been following Gabe Brown’s adventures this season on Alaskan Bush People? What are your thoughts on his art? Let us know in the comments below.

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