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‘ABP’ Gabe Brown Admits Why He Wants His Home Built So Fast

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Gabe Brown has been working hard on getting his house built on the last two episodes of Alaskan Bush People. While some fans believe he is overly rushing the building of his home, there is a good reason for the pace. Gabe mentioned in the penultimate episode why it is so important to get the house finished as soon as possible.

Here is a look at Gabe’s house building on Alaskan Bush People and why he is in such a big hurry.

Gabe Brown misses his family on Alaskan Bush People

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The most important thing that Gabe Brown needs to do is make sure that his house is structurally sound and a good fit for him and his family. However, there was some conflict in the last episode for Gabe and his brothers. Noah wanted to get things done right and then Bam showed up and really started to slow things down.

Bam was right, though. They had to make sure that the boards were the right size, and that things were done right. The last thing that Gabe wants is to get his house up too fast and then learn that there are structural problems that will delay his family moving in soon. That is the biggest problem, and the real reason Gabe wants his house finished.

Gabe said in this episode that he wants the house done so his family can move up to the mountain. He then made an interesting comment. Gabe said that he misses his family. Based on that statement, it sounds like Gabe is not with his family right now, and he won’t be until they get the house built on the mountain. Gabe wants to be back with his wife and kids again. The sooner he gets his house built, the sooner that can happen.

New homes is the theme on Alaskan Bush People

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Gabe Brown isn’t the only person building a new home this season on Alaskan Bush People. Unlike Gabe, Bear Brown already moved his wife Raiven and their son River up the mountain before building a house. This means they were all living in a giant tent. However, with Raiven’s pregnancy and bedrest requirements, they are either no longer up there, or their house is built. Remember, the show was taped through 2022.

Noah Brown is also looking for a new home, although he isn’t building. He is buying a new home in Alaska where he will move his wife and kids to live in the bush. With Gabe also building his home, it is a look at the Brown siblings as they move on to the next stages of their life after dad Billy died.

Have you enjoyed Gabe Brown’s story so far this season on Alaskan Bush People? Do you think he will get his house built in time for winter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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