‘The Voice’ Fans Rage Over ‘Absurd’ Playoff Advisors

John Legend and Maluma on The Voice / YouTube

The Voice has announced its playoff advisors for the new season, and many fans are not happy about it. The four playoff advisors this season are Maluma, Saweetie, Anthony Ramos, and Meghan Trainor. However, when it comes to the new advisors, many fans complained they don’t even know who some of them are.

Here is a look at the new advisors and why they are on The Voice.

Fans Lash Out At The Voice Playoff Advisors

When the new playoff advisors were named, many fans complained about two of them specifically. On social media, fans asked why John Legend brought in Maluma and Dan + Shay brought in Saweetie. The complaint is that many fans either don’t know who they are or think they don’t deserve the spots.

Saweetie with Dan+Shay on The Voice / YouTube

Of course, when the new season of The Voice started, several fans on social media claimed to have not heard of Dan+Shay. That is part of the problem here, with the fans wanting big-name singers to appear on The Voice rather than singers from a more niche genre. The complaints won’t matter, though, as the show has already brought in these singers to help mentor the contestants.

Some of the more notable fans’ rage went toward Maluma and Saweetie (via Meaww):

  • “What is Maluma doing in The Voice? This TV program is coming to the end.”
  • “A lot of artist that audition have more talent than Maluma and saweetie put together what advise can they give lol.”
  • “Saweetie is literally a failed rapper? Her album failed and she’s just bad and why is she there? This is absurd.”

Why Did The Voice Bring In Maluma & Saweetie?

The fact is that The Voice wants to bring in singers from different areas of music to help mentor the singers. The big reason for this is that the reality competition series wants to bring in fans of various musical disciplines. One big complaint in the past was that The Voice focuses too much on country, but when the show goes outside that box, fans also complain.

Just because fans say they don’t know Maluma does not mean he is not a huge name in the music industry. Maluma has sold over 18 million records in his career and is one of the top Latin musical artists. He is a Grammy nominee and has worked with everyone from Madonna and Jennifer Lopez to Ricky Martin, Shakira, and The Weeknd.

His album Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy was certified Diamond and his next four went to either triple-platinum or quadruple-platinum. It is this success that contestants can only dream of reaching.

As for the complaints that Saweetie is a “failed rapper,” her success says otherwise. She earned Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Rap/Sung Performance for Pretty B*tch Music. The argument that her “album failed” is also incorrect. She has four singles that have gone platinum, including two that are quadruple-platinum (“My Type” and “Best Friend”).

As for the other two, people are mostly quiet about them. Anthony Ramos is an actor who starred in the Broadway musical Hamilton (he originated the roles of John Laurens and Philip Hamilton). Finally, Meghan Trainor is a Grammy winner.

What are your thoughts on the new The Voice playoff advisors? Do you feel underwhelmed, or are you willing to wait and see how they do on the show when helping contestants? Let us know in the comments below.

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