‘The Voice’ Fans Are Angry Coaches Eliminate Amazing Talent

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After Monday night’s performances, The Voice fans are raging about the release of one singer. While all of the knockouts were tense, one in particular has fans angry about the loss of this amazing talent.

The Voice Kicks Off The Knockouts

During the Monday edition of The Voice, the coaches: John Legend, 45, Dan Smyers, 36, Shay Mooney, 32, Reba McEntire, 69, and Chance The Rapper, 30, didn’t get fans’ full approval. The coaches were preparing their team members for knockouts with Keith Urban as a Mega Mentor. Furthermore, tensions were running high since the knockouts pitted two contestants against one another to determine who would continue to the playoffs. Once the singers perform a cover of a hit song, the coaches make their selection of who advances. The other singer has a chance for one of the other coaches to scoop them up. But if not stolen, the singer is eliminated.

The Voice Knockouts Were Close

In Night One of The Voice knockouts, Dan and Shay had two teammates competing, Frank Garcia and Olivia Rubini. Both had impressive performances. Each of them has a bit of an old-fashioned style they convey in their singing. First, Frank leaves the audience silent after a jaw-dropping rendition of El Triste by José José. Afterward, John Legend says Frank’s voice was “rich and robust.” And Reba began to rave about his singing. Additionally, Chance The Rapper couldn’t agree more. He says that Frank has a “wowing” effect on the crowd every time he performs. Likewise, he offers his vote for Frank to be the one to win the knockout round. But when Olivia takes the stage to sing Tiny Dancer by Elton John, both Reba and John admit they prefer her as the round winner.

Olivia Ruibini wins the knockout round. - The Voice
Olivia Ruibini wins the knockout round. – The Voice

Fans Disapprove

Although both Frank Garcia and Olivia Rubini exhibit extreme talent, one had to be selected. However, fans disagree with who The Voice coaches chose. However, in some ways, Frank’s performance was more safe. He needed to give more emotions. Conversely, Olivia laid it out there, but it didn’t seem to fit her. After the coaches gave their thoughts, they chose Olivia to advance to the playoffs. But fans were quick to show their anger over losing such an amazing talent as Frank.

  • On X, one fan says, “Why, Frank, why? That was beautiful and he totally killed it. Dan and Shay made their first big fumble. Sad to see him go. Bummer.”
  • “He should have won. Why wasn’t he available for a steal?”
  • Eliminating Frank was a monumental mistake.”
Frank Garcia gave a great performance during the knockouts. - The Voice
Frank Garcia gave a great performance during the knockouts. – The Voice
  • Another fan of The Voice didn’t think Olivia’s performance was nearly as good, “She did nothing with that song!”
  • “Ok, I can’t believe Frank Garcia did not advance from this round. They must be deaf.”
  • “Gonna miss you on The Voice, Frank. Hope I see you perform again. Awesome performance! So much emotion!”
  • “Kind of unfortunate,” and another fan adds, “Frank is a total talent.”

NBC show’s new scheduling for The Voice. It will air once a week instead of twice. However, each of the episodes will be two hours long. Then on May 6, returns to twice a week.

What do you think about The Voice coaches’ decision? Do you think they let amazing talent go too soon? Who would you choose between Frank and Olivia? Drop your comments below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill

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  1. I think Frank is so talented but really did the wrong song for Idol! He sounded more broadway and theatrical!

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