‘The Voice’ Fans Not Happy With New Playoff Rule

The Playoff Pass on The Voice / YouTube

There is a recent change when it comes to The Voice playoff rounds. However, when the singing reality competition show announced the change, many fans immediately disliked the idea. The problem arises with fans believing the new rule will create a disadvantage for the singers who receive what is supposed to be a reward.

Here is the new rule and why fans aren’t happy about it.

The Voice Playoff Pass For Singers Remains Controversial

The Voice has always attempted to keep things the same throughout its run, only implementing small tweaks to make the competition more exciting. However, one of the tweaks the show made back in Season 23 still has some fans unhappy. This change involved the Knockout Rounds and what is known as the Playoff Pass.

Playoff Pass from The Voice / YouTube

The way the Playoff Passes work is that the coaches choose one person on each team to get a “competing-free card” to protect them from the Knockout Rounds. In the Knockouts, the coaches pair their teams into duos and have each duo compete with the same song. The coach then has to release one of the players. They go home, or another coach can use their “steal” to take the player onto their team.

However, the Playoff Pass works similarly to the Platinum Tickets on American Idol. On Idol, the person with those tickets doesn’t have to compete at the start of Hollywood Week. The person with the Playoff Pass on The Voice doesn’t have to perform during the Knockout Rounds. However, many fans feel this hurts the people it is supposed to help.

The Voice Fans Not Happy With Playoff Pass

The purpose of the Knockouts Round is for each team to compete against each other to tighten up each lineup for the start of the Live Rounds and fan voting. However, many fans feel the Playoff Pass keeps them from seeing how good the singers who receive it are. With one less performance, the other singers can surpass them for fans who get invested in the performers.

The Voice fans on Reddit talked about the problems with the Playoff Pass. One of the big questions was whether this is any different from the coach choosing one over the other in the Knockouts Round.

  • “The Playoff Pass is the artist that gets to skip the Knockouts and head straight to the Playoffs. In essence is the Playoff Pass artist the real winner of the Battle then?”
  • “I think the playoff pass is kind of stupid and they should just go back to giving each coach a ‘save'”
  • “It’s STILL a disadvantage because they’re losing performance time and tech time. Not to mention time in front of viewers. But really, even time with the coaches”

In the Playoff Pass’s first season, two singers were eliminated in their next performance rounds. Only one reached the finals, with D. Smooth placing third. On the next season, The Voice called it the Super Save. Three recipients ended up eliminated in the next round, with the fourth going home in the semifinals.

This season, the four singers receiving a Playoff Pass include Bryan Olesen (John Legend), L. Rodgers (Reba McEntire), Nadège (Chance the Rapper), and Madison Curbelo (Dan +Shay).

What are your thoughts on the Playoff Pass on The Voice this season? Do you think it might hurt the singers who receive it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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