Noah Brown on island in Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

‘ABP’ Noah Brown Reveals When He Is Moving Back To Alaska

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One big question this season on Alaskan Bush People concerned whether Noah Brown was moving back to Alaska. Noah’s wife had made some recent posts hinting they were still in Washington, but this week, the truth was revealed.

Noah is moving his family back to Alaska and he revealed when this would ultimately happen.

Noah Brown Finds A Home In Alaska

Noah Brown has been looking for a new home on Alaskan Bush People. His family moved to Washington because Mother Ami had cancer. They needed to get her close to medical facilities. It is a good thing they were there too because it was revealed that Birdie was developing two tumors.

Noah Brown on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

However, Noah Brown has the desire to have his child grow up with the same memories he had as a kid. This means going back to Alaska. He had to wait for Birdie to have her surgery because she wanted to go with him on the trip. While Noah was looking for a home, Birdie wanted to reconnect with her childhood. She also had a letter her mother wrote her she wanted to read in her childhood home.

Throughout the trip, Noah has struck out more often than not. He found some nice places, but none ticked all his boxes. This week was the last chance. It was a smaller home, but he gave it a good look. The best news was there was nothing wrong with it. It was a small house on an island with no other homes on it. The house was well-kept and seemed perfect, even if it was a bit small.

When Noah called his wife, she mentioned the size but said he knew what would be best. Noah decided he could do a lot with the house and island and decided to make a deal to buy it. It included bartering, but he had Gabe with him to help out.

In the end, Noah Brown secured his new home.

When Will Noah Brown Move Back To Alaska?

Noah’s wife Rhain made an Instagram post last week that indicated they were still in Washington. She told a commenter that they lived in their own place off the ranch, but they still worked with the family on the ranch. It seemed Noah didn’t move his family after all.

Noah Brown house on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

In this new episode, he revealed why they are still in Washington. There is a harsh winter in Alaska every year. As a result, he said they would move to their new home in Alaska next spring. It sounds like Noah Brown has found his new home and, next spring, he will break off from the Brown family and move his clan back to Alaska.

What were your thoughts on Noah Brown finding his home in Alaska? Are you enjoying this season of Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve watched this family and seen the struggles and the faith that keeps them moving forward. Is everything we see watching any reality show 💯 percent truth. No of course not some things are directed to keep ppl watching because let’s face in today’s world no one would watch because most reality shows touch on crap ppl forget exist. Family hardship and real life struggles. Each Brown family member needs to do what makes their family values stick and achieve the dream that started this journey. Just because you don’t believe in the value the Browns represent doesn’t mean it’s fake or they are bad and other comments I’ve seen. No one is forcing you to watch but don’t hate on what they have that this world lost years ago.

  2. why post when obviously if what you post doesn’t fit in to what you. I commented my opinion and guess what never showed up…surprised nah not really it’s today’s way. say what is wanted or opinion doesn’t matter

  3. lol point proven. this comment actually is waiting moderation approval but the one admiring the Browns isn’t posted at all but this new one got flagged for approval tell me we aren’t controlled by government and media..

  4. I’m pleased to ♥ hear. Noah and his family are going back to Alaska. I think the whole family should go back to Alaska where Billy started their life. What happened to the cabin they all biult? We seen who got interagency the boat. But what happened to the cabin??? I hope they will still film Noah and his family. I love this family and I hope to see how it turns out for all of them. Ami I love you and your family. I hope the best for all of you. I’m still running into brick walls I’m trying to get a wheelchair van donated to my family so my son can go see his son. we haven’t seen him in 3 years I miss my grandson so much. I love your family so much. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

    1. This show has been the American hoax! The Browns were and are a bunch of actors to fit the narrative since the show started. Making it seemed like these people lived off the land their whole life in Alaska. It’s rubbish! Billy Brown sold this pitch to Discovery Channel. It made this family look like they lived in a tent their whole life. This show is a joke. I don’t watch it. Because it’s all a made up! All it done was make the Brown family extremely wealthy! Have they faced some hardships? Yes just like any other family has!!

  5. Billy Brown was a bum, lived off Alaska Medicare, he only worked when he had too. He worked on several small FV. And only when he could take his family with him. Billy Brown went around with this woah as is me attitude! They squatted on USA government Ground. They Built a make shift cabin on it. Then Alaska Fish and Game burn it down. ABP is a big hoax and American people bought into it! Now it made Discovery millions along with the Brown family. They shamed the oldest son Matt for telling the truth. That’s why he’s not on the show. All I can say is watch the show or don’t watch it. It’s a waste of my time and I won’t watch it. These people haven’t worked their whole lives. Just a bunch of actors who got lucky. I hope they put money back to live on. This show is playing out and will be gone soon!

    1. to answer your question, the browntown in Alaska was actually on rented land in the tongus national forest. They had a 7-year contract to rent the land, they didn’t own it. my question is what is Noah going to do with the very large and beautiful cabin and land that he owns in colorado? Billy deeded that cabin to Noah, it’s in his name, when the first grandchild was born. Are they going to be using the Alaska Island as a summer vacation home? and live in colorado? or is it just going to be a film site?

  6. I think bird is faking the pain from surgery supposedly she couldn’t climb the steps of the integrity but then she is on the swing getting dunked in the water dunking her head back with her hands on the rope pulling herself up out of the water yea ok act a lil more can’t stand that dumb girl anyway

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