Noah Brown Leaving ‘Alaskan Bush People’ In Season 14?

When the trailer hit for Alaskan Bush People Season 14, fans picked apart different aspects of the sneak peek. Many looked at the wedding of Bear and Raiven Brown. Others saw Bird Brown in the hospital, and showed concern about what was going on with her. However, another moment took many fans by surprise.

Is Noah Brown leaving Alaskan Bush People? Based on the trailer, it looks like he might be considering leaving his family behind and heading back to Alaska.

Noah Brown heads back to Alaska in new Alaskan Bush People trailer

After Noah lost his dad, Billy Brown, he seems ready to consider making a change. However, for Noah, a change would be going back to what he knew growing up. Noah married Rhain in August 2018 and they have two children now, Elijah and Adam. It looks like Noah might want to give his sons the life he had growing up, and that means going back to the Alaskan wilderness and living off the grid.

The Alaskan Bush People family moved to Washington state thanks mostly to Ami Brown’s cancer battle. it put her closer to medical facilities in case of emergency. However, with Billy gone, Noah is considering returning to Browntown where he can raise his sons as he was raised — in the bush.

Noah Brown on Alaskan Bush People

This shocked the rest of his family, but Noah seemed determined to look around and figure out if this was something he really wanted to do. The Alaskan Bush People Season 14 trailer showed Noah in a plane looking at remote properties in the Alaskan panhandle. There are also spoilers from Discovery Channel that hints his search for a new home is both “ambitious and dangerous.”

Is Noah Brown leaving Alaskan Bush People?

With all this in mind, Alaskan Bush People fans need to remember that the seasons are filmed well in advance. Noah Brown said he couldn’t talk about whether there would be a new season before its announcement. However, it was clear that camera crews have been around, filming the family for the last year.

This season will include the wedding between Bear and Raiven Brown, which happened back in January. The show will also detail the fallout of the fire that destroyed their home in Washington. It also looks like Bird Brown has some serious medical issues she faced recently.

With that in mind, Noah Brown posted some new photos recently of his son and Raiven and Bear’s son exploring together. Noah also said he was starting his own YouTube channel, but it would take some time because he had a lot of work to do around the family ranch. This means Noah has not moved back to Alaska, so the season might show his interest, but don’t expect him to leave the show anytime soon.

Are you ready for the new season of Alaskan Bush People? Would you miss Noah Brown if he left? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. The Noah family is about the only one I care about in that silly bush family. I think he should leave the program if that is what he wants for his family.

  2. These people are fake. Theu were not born and raised on the grid. They have too many conveniences. Its all put on for the $$$$$$

    1. I met Noah and his wife several times.
      The discovery channel was paying $2,000
      monthly to rent an old single Mobile home in Oroville.

      Yes , the show is just that , Reality TV.
      And the Browns milk it for Revenue.

  3. Need to change the name os the show… they do NOT live in Alaska or the “bush” at all… maybe at times for the show, they did, but they’re right here in WA state now… not a show about off grid Alaska living. Show needs to end now the dad is gone.

    1. I love the show haven’t missed season yet. Things may or may not be fake it’s not me to judge them. But it’s not hate, killings, nor tapings. So over all it’s a loving family with problems like everyone else. But isn’t that life in general for all of us, Billy Brown was just a little smarter he made a acting career for himself and the family. We none didn’t have to watch from the get go, But here we are watching it.

      1. I don’t care if it’s fake or not. I love the show and I love watching it. they do a lot of hard work and you can tell they do a lot of hard work for sure! anyway, I don’t care where they live but while the show is on I enjoy every bit of it because they are good people and they work very hard while they’re doing the show. so who cares if it’s fake and they live somewhere else at least they spend a lot of time on their property in Washington state. love them very much.

  4. maybe it’s real maybe it’s fake but at least the show has morals unlike most the new crap coming out on TV it’s pretty well disgusting I do wish the whole family would get back together including the oldest son you like it or you hate it like I said it’s better than most s*** on TV it does have some reality it does have real feelings and it does have real life in it

  5. I enjoy the show. Been watching from the beginning saw the family grow. Like any family there are ups and downs. Weather they live in or off the grid doesn’t matter. It is a show like any other.

  6. I love the Bown family. They appear to me as compassionate, loving, ingenious family who aren’t afraid to acknowledge our good Lord. They worked hard to build up their conveniences like running water and electricity. Don’t understand these people who like to trash others and call them fake..why are they watching tbe show?

      1. I agree, I to have watched them from the beginning and love them.I can’t believe that Billy is no longer with us.there is far to much hatred and judgement in this world, who are they hurting , no one!

    1. I’ve watched from the beginning. good show. it brought me alot of pleasure. I don’t care what they do in there private life, that’s up to them. Like I said, they brought me so much enjoy. I wish all of them the very best. AND, why not cash in, I would.

  7. we all have to remember it’s for tv and the enjoyment of ALL. There’s a lot of fake TV out there. If you don’t like or enjoy the show, change the channel. My whole family enjoys the show and take it for what’s it worth, entertainment , pure and simple. The armchair critics out there need to get over themselves. Entertainment at its best, PERIOD.

  8. The show is clean,I lovethe show ! It reminds me of me an my husband living
    In a tent in Arkansas with three sons. We get to caught up in the things of this world, wish I was able to meet them all. I really miss Matt!

  9. well I’m glad he finally decided to go out on his own it’s absolutely disgusting what the parents did to there children

  10. I love all of the browns. Is it at all possible they all move back to Alaska close enough to where medical treatment is ready and available? I don’t care what anyone thinks real or fake poor or rich this family is awesome.

    1. That would be great but at the same time the ones with families should venture on their own and put the skills they learned to use and teach their family the skills and maybe get together from time to time love the show

  11. Yes I would miss Noah he always comes up with great ideas and whether the program is phony or not it’s entertaining and I like watching it

  12. It is no more, no less that a reality TV show.
    T.V. shows has a primary focus which is to make money. We have all read just how much money the family members have made. The show has kinda lost its way since losing Billy. Now may well be the right time for Noah and his siblings to cash out and move on in life

  13. Why don’t you ever see Gabe’s wife and kid on the show ? See him working with Bam or whoever but not his family. Also don’t know why Bam or girls aren’t actively looking for love. Nice to be close as a family but time to cut the cord and GROW UP ! In a real wolf pack the babies do grow up and leave. If crazy Bear can find love, anyone can. Obviously the family lives in town as the women the guys found just didn’t wonder onto the ranch. Plus kids have no houses and cannot live out in the elements with brutal winters of Washington. I personally am getting bored with kids’ indecision what they want to do. First they all were going to build homes on the property. Yeah, right. Now Noah & Birdie “exploring” moving back to Alaska. Atleast Bear and family have an RV to live in ! May be weird but is responsible have to give him that. They just stay for the money of the show – money is the root of all evil !

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