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‘Alaskan Bush People’s’ Raiven Brown Show Who Follows The Leader

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown shares her life openly with her fans on social media. While the hit reality series is on hiatus and no one knows when it will return, anyone who wants to see the Brown family grow up can see a lot of this on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

In her most recent share, Raiven showed her fans who is following the leader in what might be the cutest photo.

Raiven shares new photo of Alaskan Bush People family

Raiven Brown took to Instagram and shared a cute photo of her son as he played in the woods with his cousin Elijah. The two little guys were walking along and Raiven posted the caption, “Follow the leader” with a heart. She also tagged Noah Brown’s account, and he re-shared the photo as well. Noah captioned the photo, “Eli teaching River Anthony (Bear’s Son) how to be a tiger in the jungle.”

The photo saw Eli walking in front of young River as they walked into the woods. Eli smiled and looked at the camera, showing he was ready to get into some mischief. Elijah is three years old, born in February 2019. River is two and was born in March 2020.

Noah and his wife Rhain also have a second son, Adam, who was born in October 2021 and is not yet old enough to wander around in the woods with his cousin and brother. Raiven and Bear Brown are also expecting a second child, a fourth grandson for the Brown matriarch, Ami Brown.

Alaskan Bush People grandkids

When is Raiven Brown due with her second son?

Raiven Brown is pregnant with her and Bear Brown’s second son, and Alaskan Bush People fans are hoping to get a new season, one that might follow this new pregnancy. Raiven shared her baby bump in a photo on Instagram in July, where she shared she had hit 12 weeks. Based on that, Raiven is due either at the end of January 2023 or at the start of February.

Raiven and Bear also let Alaskan Bush People fans know they are having a baby boy. They revealed this with a picture of River holding a sign that said “ITS A BOY” on it. “We are SO happy to announce we are expecting another little boy! I’ve always seen myself as a boy mom. I absolutely love being a boy mom. I can’t wait to see river as a big brother.”

Raiven also posted that she is happy to be having a baby boy when one fan seemed disappointed she wasn’t having a girl. “I don’t need a girl… it’s a boy as we’ve announced and I’m more than happy. Boys are wonderful..” This is Raiven’s rainbow baby, as she miscarried last year, so she is happy to have a healthy pregnancy this time around.

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