‘Alaskan Bush People’ Noah Brown Talks Big Things Happening

Noah Brown from Alaskan Bush People

Noah Brown has some big news for Alaskan Bush People fans. The reality TV star has announced that there is some big news coming for fans of his family. He also announced something big just happened in his life.

Noah Brown hints big things are coming for Alaskan Bush People fans

While Alaskan Bush People fans anxiously await the news of whether there will be a new season of the show, Noah Brown has revealed that something is coming that will keep fans occupied until news comes one way or the other.  While Noah said that he can’t reveal whether Alaskan Bush People will get a new season, he did say that there will be new footage coming soon for fans.

Noah Brown is starting his own YouTube channel. Noah made the channel with the title Alaskan Noah Brown and fans can check out the YouTube channel here. There is nothing on the page yet, but Noah said the first video should go up sometime next week.

Noah Brown from Alaskan Bush People

“I have finally started a YouTube channel,” he announced on Instagram. “We are aiming to upload our first video next week and we are going to try to put up a new video every week. So, if y’all want to make sure that you don’t miss it, why not head over and Subscribe!” The page has 1.99K subscribers already, so it is clear fans want more Alaskan Bush People footage.

Noah’s YouTube page will join Matt Brown’s active YouTube page, where the estranged brother posts regularly to his account. Matt has over 26.3K followers and keeps his fans updated on his life as well as his sobriety journey.

Noah Brown celebrates wedding anniversary

Noah Brown also had a recent post where he celebrated his wedding anniversary. On Tuesday, he wrote, “Yesterday was our anniversary!! We have been married for four years now. To celebrate we took a trip out to the coast and had some fun on the beach and got some really good clam chowder and fish n chips. I know that we have only known each other for six years and four of those, we have been married, but it feels like Rhain has always been part of my life. It is like I can’t remember a time before her, like I was sleep walking through the years and when I met her was the first time my eyes were open to a world of endless possibilities.
Happy anniversary to the love of my life.”

Noah got married to Rhain Alicia in 2018 and they have two children.  Their first-born son was Elijah, and they welcomed their second child, Adam, into the world in October 2021. Adam was born just eight months after Noah’s father, Billy, passed away.

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