‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown’s Estate Being Sued for $500K?

Billy Brown of Alaskan Bush People is being sued for $500k. Wait – isn’t he dead? He sure is. The former reality personality passed away in February of 2021. The Brown patriarch left behind his wife, Ami, and their seven children. Discovery Channel fans were shocked when news broke this afternoon that a Washington state judge was allowing the suit to move forward. Ami Brown has filed papers to appeal it. Who is looking for a chunk of Billy’s legacy? Will his wife be able to fight the legal proceedings? Read on to get the details.

Billy Brown Sued For Big Bucks

A year ago, a man named Robert Maughon filed a suit against the estate of the late Billy Brown. Maughon, an investor, claims that he invested money into Alaskan Wilderness Family Productions. According to The Sun, an agreement was drawn in 2009 between Billy Brown and the investor. The document detailed that Maughon invested $20,000 into the company. In return, Billy agreed to pay him 10% of the income from the sales and publication of books Billy had written.

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The plaintiff stated in his court papers that Billy failed to meet his end of the terms. The investor then claimed that he and Billy entered into a second contract, just weeks later that gave him 10% of the company’s gross income derived from the works of Billy Brown – including “books, movies, television, and documentaries.”

Maughon holds that Billy did not hold up the second agreement either and is now seeking what he feels entitled to.

Maughon says it would take extensive accounting to determine the amount owed.  He, however, feels the starting point is $500,000. According to him, Billy Brown was said to earn $500,000 per episode of Alaskan Bush People. Each season had an estimated 10 episodes. Therefore, Robert is asking for the assumed profits of one episode and a trial.

A Question of Jurisdiction

After Billy’s passing last year, the Discovery star’s wife, Ami, took control of the estate. Initially, Ami tried to have the case dismissed on the premise that the federal court system over the area did not have proper jurisdiction. The court system, however, saw the situation differently. A judge in Washington denied Ami’s request, thus allowing the lawsuit to continue.

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Ami Brown Fights Back

After the judge decided that the case was valid, Ami Brown made a move in an attempt to halt the proceedings. On April 27th, Billy Brown’s wife, Ami filed to appeal the decision of the judge. She reports the total value of the estate is less than the amount of the lawsuit.

Currently, Ami has submitted documentation that states that Billy Brown’s estate, after medical bills, is valued at $412,000.00 This estimate includes all of the family’s furniture and home goods in addition to his land properties, livestock, and assets contained in his Wells Fargo bank account.

If the courts award just the initial $500k that the plaintiff is requesting – it would put the family’s business entity into bankruptcy.

Do you think the courts will find in the favor of Billy Brown’s estate? Tell us in the comments.

Nikki Desrosiers

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  1. I believe it is wrong of this man to feel he is entitled to receive more than they own. Does he feel proud of himself? Let’s make sure a widow can not live. She did not make the agreement. Her husband did. I think this is a man who believes the world owes him. Billy is dead so let’s see if he can make her and the kids have nothing. Be proud of yourself there is a place in he’ll reserved for people like you. Those who feel they should profit of the dead.

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