‘Alaskan Bush People’ Noah Brown Answers Season 14 Question

Noah Brown on Alaskan Bush People

The last season of Alaskan Bush People finished up in November 2021, and since the finale, there has been no word on whether there would be a Season 14. Noah Brown recently gave a “non-answer” that might hint the show is coming back. It has fans excited.

Noah Brown asked about Alaskan Bush People Season 14

Noah Brown posted a new Instagram post this week and gave Alaskan Bush People fans some big news. He revealed that his family would start posting videos on a new YouTube channel to keep fans updated on their lives. At the moment, the YouTube page has nothing on it.

“Hey everyone! I have finally started a YouTube channel,” Noah wrote. “We are aiming to upload our first video next week and we are going to try to put up a new video every week. So, if y’all want to make sure that you don’t miss it, why not head over and Subscribe!”

After posting the news, a fan asked, “is the show coming back on tv?’ to which Noah responded, “sorry, but I am not supposed to say.” Another fan responded to that by writing, “sounds like an “I’m not super to say, but yes” to me.”

Noah Brown from Alaskan Bush People

While this seems like a non-answer, it really comes across as something different. If there was no season coming up and the show was finished, Noah wouldn’t likely have been told not to say anything. If the show was coming back, he would likely be asked to keep quiet until the network made an official announcement. Also, if Alaskan Bush People was in contract negotiations, he also would be asked to stay silent. This means the show isn’t likely finished yet, and more news might be coming.

Fans have been worried about the fate of the show since patriarch Billy Brown died in 2021. His death was a big part of the Season 13 storyline.  With him gone, it will be up to someone else to lead the way in bringing the show to the network.

Noah isn’t the first Bush People star on YouTube

The Alaskan Bush People family is big on social media and has become more so since Billy passed on. Bear Brown and his wife Raiven are both big on Instagram (although their accounts are private). Raiven is also a big-time TikTok poster. Bam Bam Brown also has a TikTok account he has some fun with.

Now, Noah is moving to YouTube for more updates. He will join his estranged brother, Matt Brown, on the platform. Alaskan Bush People fired him from the show and basically banished Matt from the family. He has kept his fans updated with a constant Instagram presence of his recovery process. He also has his YouTube channel where he takes his fans on his many adventures.

Do you want to see the series return? Let us know.

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  1. I would love to see the show come back as I’m sure many other viewers feel the same. It’s a clean, wholesome family show, they make life work with what the have.
    It would be interesting to see how the kids make out as they try and live their lives on their own.

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