‘Alaskan Bush People’ Joshua ‘Bam Bam’ Brown In Fatal Car Crash, One Dead


Former Alaskan Bush People star Joshua ‘Bam Bam’ Brown was involved in a fatal crash crash. The accident happened earlier today and there was one casualty. How is Joshua doing? Read on for all of the details.

Joshua’s Time On Alaskan Bush People

Viewers first met the Brown family when the show premiered on Discovery in 2014. They lived off-grid but made it work for themselves. Joshua aka Bam Bam was one of eight children featured on the reality series. He was also the second eldest in the family. Yet, in 2017, the son of Billy and Ami decided to depart the show. His reasoning was quite good as he had fallen for one of the producers. He met Allison Kagan when she was working as a field producer for the network though he kept her identity under wraps.


Though he took some time away from the series, he did come back to his family just two years later. Then tragedy struck in 2021 when his father, Billy passed away. The show was actually in production when Billy suffered a seizure that would ultimately take his life. According to The Sun, Joshua wanted their fans to know his father never cared about money. He was far more humble. “Da never cared about money or fame. What he did care about was family, faith, and freedom. Da once said that if our show made just one person smile, and brought light into just one persons’ life, even for just a moment, then it was worth all of it.” Now, Bam Bam is facing another unimaginable tragedy.

A Crash And A Death

Earlier today, The Alaskan Bush People star was involved in a fatal car crash, The Sun confirmed. It was not his fault but the other driver involved did not survive. Joshua was driving his GMC northbound while a Chevrolet Camaro was heading southbound. Then the Camaro swerved and ended up in Joshua’s lane. To avoid the Camaro, Josh swerved and his GMC landed in a ditch. Additionally, the other car, carrying two passengers: “lost control and crossed the centerline into the opposite lane of travel.”


The driver, Gabbriella Garcia Harrison was airlifted to the hospital. Sadly, the passenger traveling with her was the one casualty. As for Bam Bam, he only suffered minor injuries and was sent home. The cause of the accident is still unknown and is ongoing. Thoughts and prayers are with the families of the passengers and all involved.

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Amanda Lauren


  1. It seems once the Brown family build their million dollar home they were no longer the Alaskan Bush family. I thought these shows were about living in Alaska with all the hardship involved. I quit watching the show when they could buy so much and didn’t work . The Last Alaskans and Port Protection are better shows.

    1. I agreed with you 💯 too much good stuff and none of them are really working, looks like the American dream …but not with me..I get up at 430 every single day to go to work .

    1. Hey I love u all an forgiveness the miserable negative people that cant see happiness or positive life.Doesnt mayter we all r with u all so keep rocking. Love watching thegrid life

  2. I love watching the show. I can’t wait each year to watch it. I even love watching old episodes. The whole family is awesome and i love their beleifs.

  3. The babies are crying that Alaskan Bush Peôple are fake. Tell me a show on television that is not fake that you watch. Let the baby who does not watch a fake show on television be the first to speak and

  4. There a bunch of losers, who never really worked for what they received. Dumb and uneducated. Dislike fools like the brown family

    1. Do you mean “they’re” as in they are as opposed to your use of “there”. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

      1. HA HA Good for you Archivegenie ! ALSO the word “dumb”, which is used by most people incorrectly, really means you cannot speak. “Stupid” means low IQ.

    2. You’re calling others dumb and uneducated, yet you don’t even know the difference between “there”, “their”, and “they’re”. For future reference, “they’re” would have been the correct choice.

  5. Why are people so mean ? I think they are sweet and if ppl think they are fake they should try a weekend in the Alaskan wild ,even the Brown girls could happily outlast most people,luv the show

  6. my TV is programed to catch all episodes of the bush family. I would love to meet the whole family, Unless I’m sick and away from my TV I set my tv to tape the showi love the Brown family. I don’t care what people say about them.Tthem.They each one one receives money to be on the show and when Billy passed they all came together as the family BillyBrown raised them to be.
    so please don’t bad mouth the Brown family cause there is millons of people who love them like myself.
    Pat B.

  7. I am an avid Alaskan Bush people watcher. I love the whole family; including Matt. If it’s fake, then more power to them. Don’t be haters, if you dislike them or show, Stop Watching. Rock on Brown family…

  8. I love you arm chair critic’s who just came from McDonald’s sitting on your sofa eating cheese burger talking about who’s smart and educated! 50’s beatniks, 60’s hippies,70’s flower child! & gypsies there’s freedom and freedom which your government protect’s – maybe not for long!- I’ll alot of you couldn’t work or barder your way out of wet paper bag!!!

  9. i wish bam bam would show his wife on the show, every one knows he’s married. and i wish the girls would get boy friend’s, all the boys have women, time for the girls to marry.

  10. So what, if it’s for entertainment only & since when haven’t we seen people getting paid massively well for entertaining the public with their acting & becoming famous for it. I enjoy watching the show & for them not working, bullcrap. If you had to do the things we’ve watched them do, you’d consider it hard work you’d want to get paid well for, even if some of it’s not repetitive every day. Besides that, would you want to live a life where you are being filmed constantly year after year? I can’t say I’d enjoy that. So, they aren’t as free to do as they please all the time & doing nothing.
    It’s no doubt others are jealous of them when they see they’ve gone from having not much of anything to having a lot of other things in a short time period, most people aren’t able have their whole life through, especially if they are in or from a large family. I’ve fallen in love with this family just for their being themselves. That’s real enough for me. I do think it’s sad Noah & his wife are leaving for their own dreamlife in Alaska when it was clear Billy wanted his family to stay together on the ranch to help build up the Legacy he began, for the future of all of them.

  11. They all get paid how or how do they have nise boats,4-wheelers, snowmobiles, and all the stuff they need to do what they need they have, they show only what they want you to see.

  12. I loved the show. just showed me. my life is easy. nothing compared to how thay was living. wish I had the bol.s to what thay did for 5v or not.bpks make more TV. am missing the show. my love to all the family. am from England. a small town called grimsby. loves u all. hope to see u all on TV once again. God bless ur family all of u. only wish I knew if gab is single

  13. NO they all did not attend Billy Brown service that we saw on TV. Billy’s daughter from a relationship before Aimee was not there. Nor was Billy’s eldest son Mat Brown.
    Has for them not being in Alaska… Billy had a seizure disorder.
    Being that far out with that type medical problem is dangerous for any seizure painting! I know my seizures may be controlled by medication now!
    But they were not always under control! Aimee suffered some heart problems. Whichich caused the family to relocate.
    Joshua (Bam-Bam) , has the rite to persue any relationship. The fact that he kept it secret for so long is amazing.
    Who are you other people to pass judgement on these people???
    Have the BROWN family said 1 word against any of you?
    NO, nor have they condemed you or passed judgement on any of us my self included!❤️🤗

  14. If you watched the Alaskan Bush People you watched how a nice family deteriorated right in front of your eyes. What started out as a close knit family turned into a dysfunctional story of not how to raise a family. The gist of this program was to teach values and life to your kids. Unfortunately this program did not succeed. You saw alcoholism, death and a group of children that will probably be in therapy for the rest of their lives. So sad…..

  15. I believe my 80+ year old friend is being scammed by someone impersonating “Bam Bam”! She has given personal info to this impersonator and am very, very concerned for her safety. Is there any way I can reach out to a staff member to report this? She has been convinced he is the “real deal” and their ❤️s are connected for life….

  16. when they moved all their belongings on a trailer out of state,moving to Alaska,they had no spare, got a flat, bought a tire that didn’t fit, they were a joke, stopped watching those inbreeds

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