Ariana Madix’s 1st ‘Love Island’ Promo Brings Barbie Energy

Ariana Madix-YouTube

Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix’s first Love Island promo is here and she is bringing major Barbie energy with her. Fans will love her enthusiasm and how willing she seems to take on this hosting gig. So, what does this first glimpse look like? Keep reading for all of the details.

Ariana Madix’s 1st Love Island Promo Brings Barbie Energy

The one thing about Ariana Madix is that she loves Love Island so she will make the perfect replacement for Sarah Hyland. Sarah was a hit with fans but had to exit due to scheduling conflicts. Since Ariana made an appearance on the show, she seemed like the next best choice. It looked like filming for Season 12 of Vanderpump would have to take a backseat since Ariana was needed in Fiji this summer. She has already said, during WWHL, that she is obsessed with Love Island:

“I’m now the host of my favorite show. I will watch 50 GD [God damn] episodes of Love Island with anyone any day.”

Ariana Madix-YouTube
Ariana Madix-YouTube

With the premiere just around the corner, Ariana has filmed the first promo and it has big Barbie energy. According to People, the sandwich shop owner awakes to a text learning she will be the new host of the show. She reads it aloud:

“I got a text. Ariana Madix, will you host Peacock’s Love Island USA?”

Of course, she says “yes” and hops out to get ready for her adventure. Dressed similarly to Barbie’s look on the rollerblades, Ariana dons a pink crop top with blue capris and heels. She then is flying on top of a plane with white heels and a business dress, luggage with her name on it. Ariana Madix is skydiving and jetskiing with dolls following suit until she gets to her destination of Fiji.

As she is on these adventures to her final destination, the narrator says this:

“Look out world! A hot, new bombshell is headed to the villa where new adventures are going to take flight! Enjoy the ride while you can ‘cause once the islanders arrive, they’re sure to make waves.”

She then dons a beautiful aqua and sequined dress to ask the important question:

“Who’s ready to couple up?”

So Much Going On

Vanderpump Rules just aired its Season 11 finale on Tuesday, May 7th and the three-part reunion will begin on May 14th. While all of this is going on, Ariana Madix and her co-star, Katie Maloney are putting the finishing touches on their sandwich shop, Something About Her. Then, Ariana will be off to Fiji followed by a return to Broadway in Chicago as Roxie Hart. The audience loved her so much that she will spend the month of August reprising her role.

Are you excited about Ariana’s turn as Love Island host? More so, what did you think of her as Barbie?  Let us know and watch the season premiere June 11th on Peacock and the Vanderpump Rules reunion Tuesdays on Bravo.

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