Bird Brown’s Medical Drama To Play Out On ‘Alaskan Bush People’

Bird Brown on Alaskan Bush People

When Alaskan Bush People announced it was returning for a new season on Discovery Channel in October, there were some bullet points of what fans could expect. There was news on a marriage (Bear and Raiven Brown), hints at Alaska, and then “medical issues.”

For fans who wondered what the medical issues could be about, here is what you need to know.

Bird Brown’s medical problems on Alaskan Bush People

The medical problems on Alaskan Bush People Season 14 involved Bird Brown. This was shown in a trailer for the show. In the trailer, there were comments that the last year showed the Brown family how precious life was, especially after Billy’s death. They also mentioned the fire displacing them, saying it was time to get “back to the bush.”

In the trailer, a fire destroyed the Brown’s $1.6 million home in Washington. Bird, 27, lost her home and ended up heartbroken since she lost some of her horses as she fought to rescue her animals. In the trailer, Bird was in a hospital bed, breaking down in tears. Her sister, Rain comforted her.

Rain and Bird Brown in Alaskan Bush People trailer | Instagram

This fire took place when fires raged through their North Star Ranch, as well as parts of Washington, Oregon, and California. It destroyed their home, and Bird ended up in the hospital, torn up because of the animals she lost.

What is Alaskan Bush People Season 14 about?

Losing their home, and then losing their dad, has made the Alaskan Bush People family thinks about making changes. As the trailer showed, they are considering going back to the bush and living in a natural habitat again. They still need to take Ami Brown’s health into account, as they moved to Washington to get her closer to medical care during her cancer battle.

However, the family has been looking at Alaska again and headed back last season to look around. There was also controversy this year when people from their old home called out the show as fake. Bear clapped back at his former neighbors for turning on them.

On top of the return to Alaska and the medical scare with Bird Brown, a large part of this season will be the growth of the family. Noah Brown has two kids now, with his youngest just learning how to walk. Raiven and Bear Brown finally got married, and him putting the ring on her finger was in the trailer. Therefore, that wedding will also play out this season. Finally, Raiven is pregnant with her rainbow baby, so that will also be seen.

Are you excited about the return of Alaskan Bush People to the Discovery Channel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. If you believe it is fake watch something else and let the rest of us watch in peace.Bring happy go lucky Matt back.Grouchy Bam doesn’t do it for some of us

    1. I’m looking forward to watching the Browns in their adventures in moving possibly relocating, back to. Alaska. Fake or not I’ve enjoyed the show, their hardship and happiness is real nonetheless I love what ideas and adventures will come next for them. Much love sent your way. A forever Fan.

      1. Haters are the loudest, ignore them and enjoy whatever makes you happy, they watch as intently as you do only to feed their obstinance, gloom and misery.

  1. I’m looking forward to watching the Browns in their adventures in moving possibly relocating, back to. Alaska. Fake or not I’ve enjoyed the show, their hardship and happiness is real nonetheless I love what ideas and adventures will come next for them. Much love sent your way. A forever Fan. PS, was bam bam Joshua Brown in a fatal car accident? I hope this is not true.

  2. It’s the best show I’ve ever seen in my life🤣 I can’t watch enough of it. I give it 5 stars I hope they never quit showing it. I’ve got every single episode recorded on VHS and I watched them over and over 24 hours A-day, Birdie is the most Beautiful woman in the world, I pray to meet her soon😃

  3. this show is a fake why to put to the whole world they were bush pple to live in a million dollars house no it shouldn’t be on u are stealing mega bucks for lies pple doesn’t like being robbed for b.s. if others did this they weren’t liked they be in prison send them all give back the money that was stolen for this scam take of those drama mom show u give kids wrong ideas about life and wht are the true responsibilities in this world love honor respect dignity kind and protected from wrong doings constitution was to protect from scammers and wrongs done to the pple of this country whts left of it

  4. wheather the show is real or not, I don’t think that’s the question any more. millions of fans have watched the browns grow up on TV, no different then when we all watched the Brady bunch, or the Waltons. The main difference as I see it is the browns are actually family and they are most definitely not afraid of getting dirty. Yes there has been questionable things that took place on and off the show that leave fans scratching there heads in total disbelief or in total shock. which is where I found myself on more then one occasion. But at the same time if I didn’t get some value out of the watching show I as any fan has the ability to change the channel. clearly people’s value out weighted them ever wanting to change the channel. The Browns didn’t have a mealt down just to come up with good ideas, in fact good enough that the show is still on TV. I was loving to see each one of the children grow in to adults and build their own home, in Washington state.
    I have heard all kinds of stories but I just hope they stay in Washington.

  5. I love the Alaskan Bush People and no I don’t believe it’s fake. Can’t wait to see how they move forward with there lives. And I think they should continue to live on the mountain. Continue to build there because it’s a beautiful place.

  6. They only live out in the “bush” while filming the show. They all have homes elsewhere and were concidered scams by the locals when living in Alaska. True, hardships and loses happened which is truly unfortunate, but the show is strictly for entertainment purposes and is basically scripted. I still watch because I’ve grown to admire a few of the cast members but Im fully aware of the fact that they each get paid handsomely for every episode and the more drama they create for the story line, the better.

  7. Loved the Bush people….Enjoyed every episode whatever reason’s been interesting to see what unfolds each season. So much better than the newer nonsense reality shows degrading each other

  8. Have no desire to keep watching after finding out all of the real truths about them,they acted like they were so taken back on how to use cell phones come on when they are not filming they live in real homes in town,played us like a fiddle.

  9. I’ve watched the show from the start and I love it. Doesn’t matter what they do there will always be those that criticise. if you don’t like it don’t watch it just don’t spoil it for those of us who enjoy the show

  10. I started watching this along with Honey BooBoo because both shows were like going to the circus—at one point, I realized that they were folks making the best out the life that they are living. That’s the American dream… even people with little skills & intelligence or ability can make it big in America. Just give the people something different to occupy their television watching time.

  11. I don’t care if this show is fake or not. There are a lot of fake shows out there. I like it. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. I hope at least some of them move back to Alaska, Maybe this could be a show which shows us two different parts of the US. Keep on making this show.

  12. I’ve enjoyed watching it and will continue to do so! Simple solution to those who hate it, take your finger and press the button on your remote to change the channel!

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