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‘ABP’ Noah Brown’s Wife Reveals Where They Are Living

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This season on Alaskan Bush People, Noah Brown has set out on a journey of Alaska. His goal is to find a new home for himself and his family. His goal is to let them grow up in an area as he did and experience the same sort of memories.

However, a recent post and interaction with commenters might have revealed how that journey ended. Here is what you need to know.

Noah Brown’s wife reveals where they are living now

This season of Alaskan Bush People began filming in February and has been moving through the summer so far. This means that everything fans are watching on TV right now happened many months ago. That means that fans who follow the family on social media might have a jump up on only those who watch the show.

Noah Brown - episode screencap

For example, fans who follow Raiven Brown on Instagram and TikTok have known she was pregnant months ago. However, many fans didn’t learn this until they saw the revelation on Alaskan Bush People two weeks ago. Those people might also be surprised to learn that things don’t appear they are going well for Bear and Raiven right now.

As for Noah Brown, he is out on the show looking for land and a house to buy to move his wife and kids into. However, based on his wife Rhain’s recent social media post, they still live in Washington at this time. Not only that, but Noah is back working for the family ranch once again, giving Bam some needed assistance.

A Beautiful Snow

In the post, Rhain posted the first big snow of the season from the Alaskan Bush People family. She captioned the photo, “Sammy dog is still the boss. My old dog and my young German shepherd playing in the fresh snow that got dumped on us.” Taking a look at the comments, and fans will see where Noah Brown and his wife and kids are living right now.

Someone asked where they were living now, and asked if this was up on the mountain. Rhain responded, “Noah and I have our own place off the family ranch, but still close by. We all till ranch and work together.” That answers the question. While Noah was searching for property in Alaska over the summer, he is still living in Washington. Not only that, but they live on their own, although Noah still works on the ranch with the rest of the family.

Noah Brown wife IG

What does this mean for Alaskan Bush People?

This might not be a spoiler at all. When winter hits in Alaska, there is really no way to easily move there at that time of the year. That is especially true with little children. There is a chance that Noah Brown found a home, but it might need a little work and he needed to wait until next year to move up there completely.

However, there is also a chance that something happened to change his mind and he could remain in Washington with his mom and siblings. Only time will tell as there is still another half of the season to go.

Should Noah Brown move his wife and kids to Alaska to live in the bush as his dad did years ago on Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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