‘Alaskan Bush People’ Noah Brown Makes Huge Announcement About Wife

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Noah Brown has been promising big things and the premiere episode of Alaskan Bush People this season proved that it was bigger than expected. Noah has promised a YouTube channel for fans to follow his family’s life. That might be important since Noah and his wife Rhain has said they want to move back to the Alaskan bush.

Now, Noah has revealed to fans there is another way to follow their family.

Rhain Brown joins Instagram

For a long time, Noah Brown’s Instagram account read that it was Noah and Rhain’s Instagram account. However, it was mostly Noah posting, with photos of Rhain too. However, right after the premiere of Alaskan Bush People‘s new season, Noah changed his Instagram page to just his own name. Fans had nothing to worry about because Noah also posted a new IG post that explained it.

Rhain Brown in Alaskan Bush People

In the new post, Noah wrote, “Hey everyone, my beautiful wife Rhain has decided to spread her wings and start her own instagram account, y’all should head over to her page and say hi.” The new account is under the name @rhain_alisha.

Rhain has been busy with her page as well. She has already posted photos of herself, of her dad with baby Adam, a series of photos of her dogs, two of her and Adam together, one of her mom with Adam, and a photo drop of her trip with Adam. Her last post showed her in front of a TV with Alaskan Bush People playing behind her.

Rhain Brown on Alaskan Bush People

Noah Brown and Rhain on Alaskan Bush People

When the Alaskan Bush People trailers showed that Noah Brown wanted to move back to the Alaskan bush, many fans wondered what Rhain thought of this. They have small children, and this would be something different for her. However, it turned out that Rhain was behind it as much as Noah. Both want to move back.

In the scene where they were talking about it, Rhain said that she fell in love with Noah because of who he was and where he came from. She mentioned that growing up in the bush was what made Noah the man he was, and she wanted that for their kids. If Noah wanted to move back to Alaska, she was all for it.

However, their trip back home was delayed. Birdie was supposed to go with them because Ami gave her daughter a letter to open when she was back in their old home of Alaska. When Birdie learned she had two tumors by her ovaries, she had to have surgery and couldn’t leave at their planned departure date.

Are you following Noah Brown on social media? Do you think he should move back to Alaska with his family on Alaskan Bush People? Let us know in the comments below.

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