Noah Brown in Alaskan Bush People

Noah Brown Announces He Wants To Leave ‘Alaskan Bush People’

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Alaskan Bush People returned on Sunday night to Discovery Channel, and the family went through some drastic changes. While the show started later than expected, three weeks after Bear and Raiven’s wedding, this was a time of change for other members of the family, especially for Noah Brown.

As the premiere episode revealed, Noah Brown wanted to leave his family and move back to Alaska.

Noah Brown wants to move back to Alaska

Noah Brown said that he felt there was something missing in his life. He realized it was Alaska. His wife Rhain also said that she wanted to go to live in the bush of Alaska with him and their kids, because that was a part of Noah that she loved. With them agreeing to this, the hard part was telling Ami Brown.

Noah Brown in Alaskan Bush People

Ami took it hard, believing this meant she would never see her son or grandkids again, and this was her saying goodbye. However, Ami also knew that she wanted Noah to be happy and let him go to find his own way. The fact is that Noah and Rhain wanted to do what Billy and Ami did years earlier, and that was to take their family into the Alaskan bush and find their own lives there.

Bird Brown heads to Alaska to find herself

Bird’s plans for the trip differed from Noah’s. Bird found a journal her dad Billy had written to tell his family things they could remember of him after his death. He also promised to write letters to all of them, but they did not find any. Bird had taken her dad’s death worse than the rest, as she felt he never knew how much she loved him.

She wanted, more than anything, to find a letter he wrote specifically to her. When she didn’t find it, her mother Ami realized how sad this made her daughter. As a result, Ami wrote Bird a letter and gave it to her from her and Billy. She had one stipulation. She wanted Bird to open it in Mosman, Alaska, a place that meant a lot to her and Billy.

Snow and Bird on Alaskan Bush People

Ami said she understood Bird needed to find herself, and she needed to return to Alaska to do that. She also figured that since Noah Brown and his family were already going to look for a place to live there, they could all go together, so she gave Bird her blessing and said she needed to wait for her arrival in Mosman to read the letter.

Rain decided to go with Bird and Noah Brown to Alaska so she could help her sister find her way on the trip. Rain said that she just wanted Bird to find what she needed in her life to be complete.

Were you surprised to see the Alaskan Bush People family splitting up to start the new season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I know that each of them needs to find their way in life, But I do wish they can come to agreement on keeping the views who has become to love them posted. I am in hopes that Discovery will start a new show for those who will go back to Alaska. I’m so glad for season 14. I love this family

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