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‘Alaskan Bush People’s’ Noah Brown Shares Exciting Family News

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While Alaskan Bush People fans anxiously await news about whether or not the show is returning, the Brown family moves on in their lives. Both Bear Brown and Noah Brown have mentioned the show in recent weeks, but both are also raising families and living their best lives.

For Noah Brown, he is sharing much of his family’s journey on Instagram, and he also has a YouTube channel starting soon. In a new Instagram post, Noah shared some fun news about his family.

Noah Brown proud of son Eli

Noah Brown and his wife Rhain Alisha have two children. Eli is three and youngest son Adam Bishop was born in November 2021. This means that while they are watching Adam accomplish many of his firsts, they are also preparing Eli for his entrance into the world of education, as he nears kindergarten age.

Noah Brown from Alaskan Bush People

That is why Noah is so proud of Eli. At just the age of three, Noah posted some photos on Instagram and let Alaskan Bush People fans know that “We are so proud, Eli is only 3 and already excelling at Phonics.” He included two photos of his little body working on something in a workbook and then a third of the little guy looking up at the camera when he realized his parents were taking a picture of him.

This is great news as Noah and Rhain are working hard on making sure that Eli is prepared when it is time to start his school work. It is also a lot less dangerous that a previous (joke) post that Noah made about Eli taking fencing lessons while using a dartboard to work on his “TOUCH.”

Noah Brown son Eli

Is Alaskan Bush People coming back for another season?

While the Brown family is working hard on raising their families, Alaskan Bush People fans still want to know if the show is coming back for a new season or if Discovery has canceled it after Billy Brown’s death in 2021. The last season covered his death and showed its effects on his family, but he was the man who always led the way in business deals for the show.

Fans previously asked Noah Brown whether Alaskan Bush People was coming back for its 14th season, and he gave the non-answer that he wasn’t allowed to say. That had many fans believing that the Brown family was at least in talks with the network about renewing the show, and Noah couldn’t say anything because of confidentiality agreements. However, Noah said he was starting his own YouTube channel, and that should start up next week.

Bear Brown further stoked the fires when he posted a question to fans about whether they wanted to see Alaskan Bush People come back for another season. He included a photo of Batman and Joker and gave his own “hand-up” emoji.

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