What Is Bird Brown’s Medical Condition On ‘Alaskan Bush People’

A lot happened on the Alaskan Bush People Season 14 premiere. The episode started three weeks after Bear Brown married Raiven, and the family was working on some big changes. While Bam Bam and Gabe Brown worked on rebuilding their ranch, two of the Brown siblings considered returning to Alaska, including Bird Brown.

Noah Brown wanted to move his wife and son to Alaska, and find their own home in the bush like his dad did so many years ago. Meanwhile, Bird wanted to find herself, as she still hadn’t recovered from her dad’s passing. With that said, Ami Brown gave Bird a letter and said she wanted her to open it in Alaska, so she planned to leave with Noah. Things changed quickly.

Bird Brown has a serious medical condition on Alaskan Bush People

Right after Rain and Bird Brown made plans for their trip to Alaska with Noah and his family, the show quickly switched focus. Bird suffered a serious medical condition. On-screen text revealed, “For the past week, Bird has experienced severe abdominal pain. It is now unbearable”

Bird Brown and Ami on Alaskan Bush People

This led to Bird saying that she didn’t want to go to the doctor and asking her sister and the camera crew to give her some time. Bird then admitted in a confessional that the pain got so bad, she was on the floor. Bird said she didn’t want to go to the doctor because they would want to draw blood and run tests. However, Rain said it didn’t matter what she wanted. Rain said she had to force her sister to go to the doctor.

What happened to Bird Brown on Alaskan Bush People?

Things got bad because Bird realized she needed surgery. This was something that she never wanted to even consider, with her fear of hospitals and doctors. She got the phone call about it and was in tears as she talked to the doctors. It was worse than anyone could have expected.

Bird Brown and Ami on Alaskan Bush People

Bird Brown had a very large cystic tumor taking up her entire abdomen. There was also fluid all around it. There was also another hard mass pushing on her bladder. To make it worse, it was coming from her ovaries. She said they won’t know much more until the biopsy, but she had to have surgery as soon as possible. She said it also looked like cancer, from what the doctors could see.

Bird took this hard, because she said she felt she was supposed to be the strong one. With her fear about the cancer, she also couldn’t stop crying because it also put the Alaskan trip on hold. Bam said his mind always goes to the worse case scenarios, and he clearly took it hard. Gabe said that not knowing what was wrong was the hardest. Noah took it really hard since he grew up close to Bird, and he said he wouldn’t go back to Alaska without her.

As for the surgery, camera crews remained absent because of COVID-19 protocols, but Ami and Rain stayed with her, and it was those two who documented the hospital scenes using the video on their phones. This was tough for Ami as well, as she battled cancer herself, but she beat it and believed her daughter could as well.

The surgery went well, but Rain said it would be a long, tough recovery. She had two tumors on her ovaries, one weighing eight pounds and one weighing four pounds. They were pushing on everything. They removed the tumors but left the uterus and ovaries to give her a chance to have a baby in the future.

The doctor told her it wasn’t definitely cancer, but it has a higher than 50 percent chance of returning as a tumor or cancer in the future. However, the one way to make the chances of it not returning as cancer is through a full hysterectomy, ending any chance she has of having children in the future.

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  1. Wow! If Bird had a tumor that weighed 8 ponds and another 4 lbs., she definitely had for some time and must of totally blocked it out. I had a similar problem and you know it’s there! I don’t know how she tolerated the discomfort. God Bless her and pray for a speedy recovery. She is one strong girl and she’s got this!

  2. My heart goes out for her. Hoping she can have a child in the future, she has a tough road ahead. God bless Bird and my prayers are with you.✊ 😘

  3. Prayers to Bird and family. I hope Bird can find someone that REALLY loves her and have a child. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that not having a child won’t bother you in the future.

  4. Her teeth are horrible. This entire family is filthy. You think she has ever had a gynecologic exam? Yea, doubtful. The mother had serious problems with her teeth and lung cancer. She will end up with a hysterectomy because she never looked after herself. Sad….but reality.

  5. One could see that Birdy has lost a decent amount of weight…she didn’t look sickly, but hopefully it’s not ovarian cancer…..
    It’s also apparent that the whole clan could do with medical/dental check ups..
    Living in the bush all their lives isn’t exactly easy on their bodies, being exposed to molds, freezing cold temps, pollens, dust, and with limited vegetables & greens in the Alaskan bush. Even though they’ve seemingly subsisted on fresh deer meat, fresh fish, crab or whatever they’ve been able to hunt/kill, the human body still needs a well rounded diet with fiber, healthy oils/fats and green, leafy vegetables…
    Ami had lung cancer that amazingly went into remission, Billy suffered from seizures & pneumonia which sadly led to his untimely demise. I hope the rest of the Wolfpack will take heed & take care of their teeth, bones, diet & overall health.
    Birds’ fear of medicine prolonged her much needed treatment to the point of nearly killing her, I hope she heals completely, and has learned to trust in modern medicine. So many people let their fear rule their health & avoid treatment until it’s too late. You’re brave Birdy, everyone loves you, be strong!!!

  6. Bird I pray you are ok The Goid Lord is watching over you and mostly Your DA is watching over you♥️

  7. Sending Prayers for Bird .She is a strong young lady. Take it one day at a time. You are a bright light Bird. Shine Bright thru your love of life and family.

  8. I hope Birdy is ok. I also hope someone is advising her to freeze her eggs. She would be a great mom if she chooses that path.

  9. Tears fell and heartfelt prayers were said for the Brown family during this season premiere of Alaskan Bush People. We’ve journeyed with the Brown’s for years now, sharing the joy of their accomplishments, the thrill of their adventures and feeling the heartbreak of their challenges and tragedies. Their life style and ingenuity are fascinating, their faith and devotion to each other honorable, their amazing tenacity inspiring! We love them all and hope the show will continue on.

  10. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. You are a very beautiful and strong women. GOD and your family and friends are right there with you! You will be fine sweet girl. Love you ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Birdie, think about freezing your eggs before any more surgery’s but if you need to get more surgery’s do it right away, don’t wait until its too late.

  12. This is so heartbreaking. If
    they are eating raw meat and wild animals, all of them should reconsider doing that. Animals carry diseases that can cause cancer, heart disease and more. And sounds like she will have to have a hysterectomy, so hopefully she can freeze her eggs and still have a family when she’s ready. I pray Bird will make a full recovery and live a long healthy life. I wish them all well.

    1. Snowbird , you will get through this you have the love and support of your family. You are stronger than you think .Yes you will grieve , but you will get through this girl. Take care of yourself and let your family be there for you. 💜💞💜

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