‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rain Brown: Who Wears It Better?

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Alaskan Bush People returns to the Discovery Channel in less than a month, and that has brought at least one cast member out of seclusion and back to social media. After a long absence from the public eye, Rain Brown is back, and she has posted a pair of back-to-back photos on her Instagram account.

The first Rain Brown photo was her in a hat and sunglasses, announcing the return of Alaskan Bush People. The second looked similar until you swiped right and saw a very cute family photo.

Alaskan Bush People‘s Rain Brown is back on social media

Rain Brown posted right after her big brother Bear revealed the news that Alaskan Bush People was returning to the Discovery Channel on October 2 at 8/7c. In that photo, Rain wore a black hat, with some enormous glasses, green dangling earrings, and some nice necklaces. However, it was her post a few days later that was as cute as it gets.

Rain Brown from Alaskan Bush People

The second post had Rain wearing the same outfit, except she traded in the glasses for big sunglasses. In the caption, she wrote, “Swipe to see who wore it better.” When swiping to the right, River Brown was wearing Rain’s hat and big sunglasses and posing for the camera.

Most fans loved both photos, and several seemed very excited to see the return of Alaskan Bush People. An example is when one fan wrote, “You both wore it well. Can’t wait till October 2nd. Love the show. Wishing you and your family all the happiness in the world.”

Rain Brown from Alaskan Bush People

Rain on Alaskan Bush People’s new season

Rain Brown had posted nothing on social media since June, and before she was busy attacking a t-shirt company that sold a shirt reading “Satan loves you for who you are.” Bam Bam Brown was in an auto accident that resulted in a fatality while Noah has been looking at going back to Alaska. Bear Brown proposed to Raiven and the two married so all of that will play out this season.

However, with Rain’s silence, her story remains a mystery. The only real hints at what she will do was a scene with her sitting by Bird’s side, while her sister was hospitalized. What happened is still a mystery, but Rain will surely have a bigger story than just sitting with her sister.

Remember, last season, Rain set out to achieve a dream she held with dad Billy. Before his death, Billy and Rain set out to possibly mine for gold around their Washington home. Rain bought equipment, and there is a chance that Rain could seek that dream this season.

Are you excited to see Rain Brown return to Alaskan Bush People this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Forget watching the family on a fake show…..go to brother Matt browns you tube channel..only intelligent 1 in the family.

  2. I love you always show what real people do with out video games you show family love that is something a lot of people do not have God bless you

  3. Whether everything is real or not, they are a family who are entertaining. Even news items are spun the way the news show wants to give the most drama. I watch to be entertained not to take everything as perfect facts. If you think reality TV like this, Big Brother, Real House Wives or others are totally real think again. Watch because it entertains you or don’t watch. The choice is always yours.

  4. I like the show but wonder how they get braces on teeth living in the back blocks if Alaska and all the jewellery. Where does the money come from. and is Matt returning and get rid if Ban ban who is so cranky for a young man,

    1. You been watching the show, right!! The Browns do go to town. Their mom was in hospital with cancer. They live in Washington State now. And just because they live in the bush, don’t mean they broke. Their father’s family has money and yeah it was handed down to Billy

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