‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rain Brown Shows Off Her New Love

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Alaskan Bush People returns this weekend. As the show prepares for its return, the Brown siblings started making their presence known again on social media. This includes Rain Brown, one of the few siblings that has yet to have a known story for the season.

However, in her recent social media post, Rain has let fans meet the new love of her life, and his name is Harley.

Rain Brown introduces the world to her new love


Rain Brown is the youngest member of the Brown family, turning 19 last November. This made things really tough on her when her dad Billy died last year and she has struggled to move on without him in her life. However, with her latest social media post, she introduced her Alaskan Bush People fans to the new love of her life.

This is Harley, her new dog. In the post, she wrote, “World meet Harley. Harley meet world.” She also added hashtags for #aussie, #aussiemommy, #staystrong, and #stayhappy.

Rain Brown and Harley

This also isn’t the only animal pic that Rain posted this week. The day before, she posted another photo of her and a smaller dog in her life. This one was a Pomeranian named Baby Jackson. She once again used some hashtags, including one for her name, and then #pomeranian, #pommymommy, #littlebug, #staystrong, and #stayhappy.

Rain Brown and Jackson

Alaskan Bush People’s new season

Rain Brown returns with her family this weekend to Alaskan Bush People. There was a recent release from the Discovery Channel about what each member of the Brown family was doing this season on Alaskan Bush People. However, Rain was not listed in this release.

While Rain was in the trailer, she was beside her sister Bird, hospitalized for what Discovery described as a “major health crisis that forces her to make critical decisions about starting a family.” However, surely Rain will have more going than just sitting by her sister’s side.

Last season, before her father died, Rain and Billy set out on an adventure for themselves as they wanted to find gold in the hills where the family lived in Washington. Even with Billy’s death, Rain bought equipment, and it seemed she wanted to go on and fulfill their plans.

Things got in the way, with the family home burning down and Rain helping her mother after Billy’s death. Whether Rain is still planning to find gold or not, she will be a big part of the new season. She will be by her sister’s side and will be part of the big wedding between Bear Brown and Raiven, which took place in January 2022.

Are you excited about the return of Alaskan Bush People this weekend? Let us know who you are most interested in seeing return in the comments below.

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  1. I love this show. I was so sorry to hear about Billy. I love all the characters on the show also ..I think Rain takes on to much responsibility..God love her!!
    Rain , take some time for yourself, have
    some fun , Climb a tree ..lol

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