Why Is Gabe Brown’s Wife Not On ‘Alaskan Bush People’

Alaskan Bush People via Instagram

Gabe Brown was a huge part of the first two episodes of Alaskan Bush People. Noah was looking at going back to Alaska to find a new home. Bear moved him and his wife up the mountain. Birdie learned she had cancer. However, Gabe isn’t going anywhere and is looking at building a home by his family’s ranch.

He even mentioned how much he misses his wife and kids while he is working. However, Gabe’s wife is nowhere to be seen on the show, causing some people to wonder what happened to Rose Brown.

Why isn’t Gabe Brown’s wife on Alaskan Bush People?

Gabe Brown’s wife, Raquell Rose, used to be on Alaskan Bush People, but she left the show in the middle of last season. Not only did she leave the show, but she also left social media and went, as she self-described on her Instagram account, “Temporarily MIA.”

Raiven and Rose Brown

Neither Gabe nor Rose said why she left the show, but the timing made things pretty clear about what happened to Rose and why she isn’t on the show right now. Gabe and Rose got married back in 2019. Later that year, Gabe and Rose had their first child, but that is when they started to get quiet. They asked for “privacy” after the baby’s birth. That was a big clue there as to how they wanted their part of the family to live.

They now have a second child, and no one even knew she was pregnant outside of their family. That is when she created an Instagram post that pretty much clarified that she is not on Alaskan Bush People anymore. “As many of you have noticed, I take my privacy and my children’s privacy very seriously,” she wrote after announcing her second baby. “You may not see us around as often as you do with Gabe, none the less we’re still here. We continue to ask for our privacy from the public eye.”

From the sound of it, Gabe Brown and Rose want to keep their family out of the spotlight of Alaskan Bush People, and that means we won’t be seeing Rose or their kids on the show.

Bear and Gabe Brown on Alaskan Bush People

Gabe Brown wants to build a home for his family

The entire focus on Gabe Brown this season is that he wants to build a home for him and Rose to raise their family in. After helping Bam bring down some trees for wood in the premiere, he spent the second episode trying to bring down wood from the side of a mountain for his own home.

Gabe was very sweet in the episode, saying he wanted to come home after a hard day’s work at the ranch and see smoke billowing from his fireplace. He wanted to walk in the door of his own house and have his kids run up and hug their daddy and then the family could spend the evening together in their own place. Fans are rooting for Gabe to see his dreams come true.

Are you enjoying Gabe Brown’s story so far on Alaskan Bush People this season? Do you miss seeing Rose? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Gabe was once my favorite Brown but this season he’s just gross. What’s up with the eyeliner? He looks like he needs a bath in the worst way possible.

  2. Wish Rachael & kids would be on the show….would love to see them….although I do respect their privacy…so guess we will have to wait!!!!

  3. when they marry into that family they know what they are getting into, so why then do they want privacy? and i think gabe looks stupid with eye liner on, like a girl, does he want to be a girl?

  4. I miss Matt on the show.he needs to be brought back….maybe production should try to get him back with less pressure on him.

  5. I have never seen that girl on the show Gabe‘s wife, Except when they got married! And I watch every single episode! He is so excited about building that house for his wife and kids and she can’t even come around! Shame shame on her! The eyeliner can go! And Raiven she’s a mess she knows how Bear is , is it even his kid?
    The mother looks terrible also!! She comes down tells all the kids what to do and don’t do a damn thing herself?! What’s that all about ?

    And Princess I know that’s not her name who had to go into the mental health center because she couldn’t handle her dad dying are you serious? I’ve really about had it with this show !

    And Birdie is going to put her health in jeopardy to have a kid ? I don’t think she likes men and she’s so ugly who wants her how she gonna have a kid? But I guess there’s somebody out in Alaska that’s ugly or that wants there money I guess !! That’s my rant !

    1. your ugly for saying mean things about people. gabes wife was always shy so I dont blame her for not wanting there children brought up that way, as for game hes going through a lot and if hes changed that’s up to him how to get through his grieving period, as for ami I dont think she knows what to do in life seeing as it was always Billie that took control of the running of the family so shes finding it hard. as for rain then she did the right thing in getting help over the death of her dad shes dealing in it her own way and that’s how it should be. yes I think they would find it hard to interact with finding boyfriends/girlfriends because of very little contact with outsiders but birdie will find her way shes not ugly shes just been around her brothers too long and the bush theres someone for everyone and they dont need harsh people like you being nasty

    2. Wow you are amazingly COLD….you need to look at your own self before speaking about others. Shame on you….I would love to express more but I am not going to feed into your ugly self with your ugly comments.

  6. Birdie isn’t ugly, she just needs a new smile. And I agree Gabe’s eyeliner is a bit too much. He’s good looking enough without it, but someone should cut his beard more even.

  7. I love the show and would love to see the whole family have their own home on the mountain, the young children can grow up knowing each other and families can have get together, I loved growing up with my cousins and my mom did things with my aunts we always seems to be having get together, game night playing baseball going to church together and getting in trouble together. I wish nothing but the best for birdie her wanting to be a mother is very natural but she can adopt I wish not to see her put her life in jeopardy, she has a lot to offer, and mental health is real some people just can’t deal with death, the mother is doing what she needs to do, maybe she cooks or sews for the family we don’t see everything, I how bear and his wife make it. These children need both parents never give up or give in.

  8. I’m fucking appalled at the comments on here. You sound like sniveling little turds. All of the negative comments are BS. NO ONE made you watch it and NO ONE deserves to be beaten to death by your option that cuts people to the core. I believe I would live with people like the Browns. You are all missing the point to the show and what they are sayin. Sure didn’t hear anyone talking about how they value family over money. 80% of parents should spend less money on their kids and spend more quality time showing them their worth. What the hell is wrong with this world??????? 🥵

  9. I love this show! I caught a few episodes of season 14, before the holiday shows started preemptions them. Please bring the show back. !

  10. I binge-watched Alaskan Bush People, because I found how it related to my feelings of how I grew up and enjoyed their adventure. I felt and still feel the kids grew up with one leader, the life was his dream, the children knew no other. I hope the best for the family now and I am proud that Noah’s wife talked it over about Eli going to Pre School to help with socialization. Maybe the Brown families can raise their kids socially and honor of family. Good luck. Would love to see and reunion in 10 years highlights and how they handled the low lights!

  11. You are a horrible person. Birdie is a beautiful soul inside and out. You on the other hand , regardless of how you look, are a disgusting soul. Can’t wait to see how that works out for you. Freek!

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