‘Alaskan Bush People’ Gabe Brown Shares Shirtless Photo In The Bush

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Alaskan Bush People returned for its new season last weekend. After the show aired, a lot of people posted comments about Gabe Brown. The youngest Brown brother was helping Bam Bam cut down trees and help rebuild their ranch.

However, many fans only talked about Gabe’s eyeliner and others mentioned his size and the shape of his body. He showed off a new photo this week that proves there is nothing wrong with his body.

Gabe Brown on the new season of Alaskan Bush People

Gabe Brown opened the Alaskan Bush People season premiere. Last year, a wide-ranging fire destroyed the Brown family ranch. After Billy died early last year, it was up to the Brown siblings to help rebuild the ranch. Plus, make it profitable again for mother, Ami Brown. Gabe was part of that.

Gabe Brown working on Alaskan Bush People

While he was doing the best he could, Bam Bam gave him grief for slowing them down. Gabe was making small mistakes, including cutting a tree down the wrong way and watching it get lodged into another tree. However, this was all in good fun as the brothers worked together to get it down.

Gabe also proved his worth when he found a way to get the trees taken to a logger to cut them down to size for them to use to rebuild the ranch. However, when the episode ended, all anyone wanted to talk about was Gabe’s appearance. Whether it was his goth-influenced eyeliner or the shape of his body, people often seemed rude and judgmental.

Gabe Brown shares shirtless photo on Alaskan Bush People

Gabe responded this week with a photo of him shirtless in the woods, wearing a cross necklace around his neck. “Being a bush person is more than any one thing, but if I had to narrow it down into one, I’d say it’s someone who feels more comfortable the closer they are to nature,” he wrote in the caption.

Gabe Brown on Alaskan Bush People

Gabe looks like he will be nothing more than a supporting player early in the new Alaskan Bush People season. With his wife not appearing on the show, he is mostly shown helping work on things like the cutting of the trees with Bam Bam. Gabe and Bam seem to be the ones most interested in helping Ami Brown get the ranch up and running again to help her support herself with Billy gone.

Bear Brown is working on his new marriage and the pregnancy with his second child will likely play into the new season. Noah Brown is heading to Alaska to find a new home to move back to the bush with his wife and kids. Birdie learned she had two tumors and has a decision to make about her future. Rain will be spending most of her time with Birdie. It looks like Bam and Gabe will be mostly working a lot this season.

Did you watch the Alaskan Bush People season premiere? What are your thoughts about Gabe Brown after that first episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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