‘Alaskan Bush People’: Raiven And Bear Brown Separate

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown has announced that she and Bear Brown have separated. This news comes just two days before the show’s season finale. This also comes a month after Raiven deleted Bear from her social media accounts, only to add him back less than a week later.

Here is what Raiven has said and what this means for her and Bear.

Alaskan Bush People‘s Raiven leaves Bear Brown

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Bear Brown and Raiven got married in January. In March, Bear Brown spent a weekend in jail on domestic abuse charges. However, Raiven ended up pregnant, and the two were back together, ready for the baby to be born at the start of February. Then, in November, she deleted all photos of Bear from her Instagram account and removed “Brown” from her name on the site.

She then backtracked, added some of the wedding photos, reverted her name back to “Brown,” and said people overreacted. Now, one month later, it happened again and this time she explained what people feared. Raiven deleted all photos of Bear again and changed the name. This time, in her Instagram Stories, she wrote that she and Bear had separated.

She also wrote that she is putting her health and that of her children first. She then had a second slide that said she and Bear will co-parent. Finally, she said she won’t share any info with fans past this statement, but their kids will be “well taken care of.”

This came just two days after Raiven posted a since-deleted post that said she had a doctor’s appointment and then took time out to go to the park with Bear and River. Raiven has been on bed rest for the new baby. She delivered River early when the pregnancy became life-threatening. She also suffered a miscarriage last year. Now, she is in bed until this baby is born, and she has likely gone back home to her family as she heads toward her second baby with Bear Brown.

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Raiven & Bear have dealt with controversy all year

When the new season of Alaskan Bush People premiered, fans wondered how the show would deal with Bear Brown and Raiven’s story. Since the last season ended, Bear and Raiven got married in January. In March, police arrested Bear on charges of domestic abuse against Raiven. After he spent a weekend in jail, Raiven asked a judge to drop the no-contact order against him.

Raiven ended up pregnant less than a month later. The new season of the show showed a little about the wedding in the opening of the premiere, but then picked up a few weeks later. However, the show ignored the arrest and all the domestic problems between the couple. Instead, it focused on Bear moving the couple up the mountain, where he wanted to build their home.

The show jumped to the pregnancy and skipped the entire period of fighting. Instead, it showed the pregnancy reveal and the dropping of blue balloons to let Ami know her next grandchild would be another boy. Other than that, it was all about Bear trying to get a house built for Raiven. However, it looks like that isn’t in the cards now.

Have you been following Raiven Brown’s story on Alaskan Bush People this season? Are you surprised that the couple has separated? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. That lifestyle is not for everyone. The Brown children seem to be able to handle each other and have very little if any idea how to have relations with others. I hope that if there is real love between them Bear will build a comfortable home for his wife and boys, and they will learn ways to cope. Marriages take work, they ebb & flow, they’re not always rainbows and butterflies.
    Sending best wishes to Raiven Bear and the children.

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