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‘Today’ Guest Perturbed As Hoda Kotb Rubs Her Wrong Way?

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There have been several cringe-worthy moments on the Today show, but the latest was brought to you by Hoda Kotb. Audrey Plaza recently appeared as a guest on the daily talk show. During the segment she was involved in, there was a moment where she was visibly irritated with Hoda and Jenna Bush Hager. Keep reading to see what rubbed Audrey the wrong way.

Audrey Plaza Throws Hoda Kotb Off On Today

Audrey Plaza appeared on Today with Adam DiMarco. The two are both in the series The White Lotus and joined the anchors for an interview about the upcoming season. However, what followed had fans cringing.

The two White Lotus cast members wore witches’ hats to the set of Today. “We want to discuss White Lotus, except there’s one other thing we have to discuss right this moment. You’re wearing hats,” Hoda pointed out the fashion choice.

Audrey Plaza and Adam DiMarco interviewing with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager -YouTube/TODAY

Credit: YouTube/TODAY

Jokingly, Audrey shrugged off the remark, acting like she didn’t know what Hoda was referring to. “We’re just so excited about White Lotus,” the actress replied. Both Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager looked confused, clearly not in on the joke.

Moving on, Hoda said she’d try to ignore their hats but commented that she thought they were “weird.” Jenna agreed. That is when Adam DiMarco piped up and said that Audrey put symbols of witchcraft in his room before the left to come to the show.

The hosts of Today laughed at Adam’s joke, but Hoda wanted to clarify by asking if they were acting. Instead of answering, Audrey Plaza just made a face and stated that she didn’t know where she was.

Viewers Find The Interview Weird & Uncomfortable

As the interview continued, Audrey seemed to get more irritated with the hosts of the show and their questions. While her White Lotus costar was able to maintain a smile on his face, the pair kept exchanging uncomfortable glances during the chat.

Audrey Plaza and Adam DiMarco exchange glances during interview with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager - YouTube/TODAY

Credit: YouTube/TODAY

Some fans of the Today show took to Twitter to discuss how uncomfortable the segment seemed. One viewer commented on YouTube that the interview was weird, “She seemed annoyed the whole time and he seems a little passive-aggressive.” Hoda and Jenna didn’t help much though.

Fans Are Tired Of Hoda & Jenna’s Behavior

Recently, fans of Today called Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager out for sexist behavior when they were caught gawking at The Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron. He appeared on the talk show as a part of a dating advice segment.

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager paid no attention to what he said and were clearly checking him out. Viewers, once again, took to Twitter and expressed discomfort with the host’s actions. What do you think about their behavior? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Sorry, but I never watch the show any more. I became tired of the always rushed conversations with guests. And watching Hoda with her mouth always wide open, or biting her finger was more than I could stand. The women are always chirping away when guests are trying to speak, adding useless comments, Jenna especially. All in all, just very unprofessional.

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