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Uneasy Al Roker Puts Head Down, As Female Hosts Share TMI

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Al Roker hid his face in embarrassment after his female cohosts shared a little too much information during Monday’s edition of Today. Dylan Dreyer and Sheinelle Jones started discussing what clothing they wore at home. It was easy for viewers to see that the conversation made Al Roker uncomfortable as he begged to move on. Keep reading to see what had Roker blushing.

Delivery Drivers Surveyed About What People Wear At Home

Arianna Davis, an editorial director for Today, joined the three anchors Monday to chat about some trending topics. They talked about rising prices, specifically the price of a pumpkin spice latte. Then the discussion shifted to a new topic.

Evidently, delivery drivers have been asked to answer a survey about what people wear when they answer the door for food deliveries.

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“They said that people answer the door when their food delivery comes in everything from towels to robes to no pants on, to even sometimes fully naked,” Arianna revealed during the segment.

However, Dylan and Al were shocked to find out that people did this. Arianna continued by saying that you probably shouldn’t be answering the door if you’d be afraid to have your photo posted to social media.

Today Show Trending Topics Make Al Roker Uncomfortable

At that point, Sheinelle Jones piped up, admitting she’d answered the door naked in the past.

“I kinda just put my head out, I put a hoody on, like we talked about, or a T-shirt. I will admit sometimes,” Sheinelle said. Her cohost Dylan Dreyer cut her off, asking whether or not she walks around the house naked to which Sheinelle replied, “Well, sometimes, you know.”

Sheinelle Jones, Al Roker, and Dylan Dreyer for 'Today' - YouTube/TODAY

Credit: YouTube/TODAY

Al Roker was visibly uncomfortable as the conversation progressed and Sheinelle revealed even more. “Okay, next, next, next!” he exclaimed on air.

Unfortunately for Al, the next topic wasn’t something he was interested in talking about either. Next, the hosts started to debate whether or not the thumbs-up emoji is appropriate or not. Roker couldn’t believe they were even having the conversation.

In response to his cohosts, Roker asked why they invented the emoji if we shouldn’t use it. He continued by saying, “who’s got time?”

This isn’t the first time the hosts of Today have made Al Roker uncomfortable. Do you think they are doing it on purpose or is he easily offended? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. I don’t think Al Roker is easily offended, I think he’s a sensible guy and like most sensible people he doesn’t have time for a bunch of nonsense. That’s all folks👍

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