‘Today’ Al Roker Returns & Praises Science

Al Roker Snaps Selfie At City Hall [Al Roker | Instagram]

Al Roker made his big return to the Today Show. He shared an important message for the viewers at home while he praised science. This comes amid his absence last week. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Al took to Instagram to share a quick health update with his fans.

He clapped back at the critics who claimed that the anchors take too many vacations. There has been a seating shuffle behind the big desk on the Today Show. However, Al assured fans that he wasn’t on another vacation.

That’s when the weatherman shared that he tested positive for COVID-19 after getting the booster. Read on to learn more and to see how Al Roker is doing.

Al Roker Poses In NYC [Al Roker | Instagram]
[Al Roker | Instagram]

Where has Al Roker been?

Before his big return to the Today Show, Al Roker updated his fans on Instagram. He shared a video update. Al got questions from fans who wanted to know where he was during the Hurricane Ian coverage. Some thought he was on another vacation, which he denied.

“The reason I haven’t been part of the Hurricane Ian coverage is I tested positive for Covid,” Al Roker said in his Instagram video. “It’s not because I’m on vacation or something else is wrong. I got boosted last week. And the science works. I don’t feel anything really and all is good.”

Al Roker Shares Health Update [Al Roker | Instagram]
[Al Roker | Instagram]
On Thursday, September 29, Hoda Kotb informed fans about Al’s whereabouts. She told the viewers at home that he tested positive for COVID. He only had “mild symptoms” and “feels well.” Bill Karins, the substitute meteorologist, informed fans that Al wishes he could be reporting the weather.

Bill also poked fun at the long-term host by adding: “I can only imagine the step count in his house, just going back and forth.”

Returns to the Today Show

On Monday, October 3, Al Roker made his return to the Today Show. He shared a photo of his negative COVID test on Instagram as proof. The television personality praised the science for working.

“Nice way to start the week with a negative test. Yes. I tested positive last week. And yes, got it even though boosted. And YES! A day of a runny nose and a cough and that was it. SCIENCE!! See you this morning on @todayshow,” Al Roker wrote in his Instagram post.

Al Roker Shares COVID Test [Al Roker | Instagram]
[Al Roker | Instagram]
He also appeared during the third hour of the Today Show. Craig Melvin introduced his fellow co-hosts Sheinelle Jones, June Martin Brooks, and Al himself. Craig told Al that it was good to have him back.

“It’s good to be back. I tested positive early last week for COVID,” Al Roker explained. “Again, the science works, I’ve been boosted. I had a slightly runny nose and a cough. That went away and now, here I am.”

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