‘Today’ Host Al Roker Has Big Slip, Age Catching Up To Him?

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With age, it is common for anyone to forget a thing or two and Today host Al Roker is no exception. The 68-year-old has been a part of the NBC show since 1996. Recently, the weatherman shared with his fans a major milestone that might hint toward a possible brain fog.

What did the weathercaster share? Keep reading to find out more!

Today Host Al Roker Confesses To A Cryptic Error

On Thursday, the journalist shared an Instagram video with fans confessing to something unusual. Al captioned the video, “Well, I did something I’ve never done before. I rode past my stop on the subway.”

Although it wasn’t clear where the TV personality was headed, he was surely dressed on point. He wore a suit jacket along with a checkered shirt and tie. The outfit was topped off with a tan-colored fedora.

Al Roker YouTube

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As he continued to describe his experience, he wrote, “I must be getting old. But on the upside, it’s easier to get a seat when you’re at the first stop.”

In the video, fans could see that Al was riding the Q train that moves between Brooklyn and Manhattan. The host also quipped, “That first time you ride past your stop in 50+ years of riding the subway, and your first realization is that you go upstairs and think, ‘Wow, they changed the murals in the station’ and ‘Why does the monitor say, Don’t board incoming train, last stop’?”

Fans flocked to the comments section to show their support and some even related to the incident.

One shared, “It happens to all of us at least once.”

Al Roker Today Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

“Been there. Done that. Twice!” chimed another.

A third teased, “There is a first time for everything, LOL.”

“No worries Al, we’ve all been there!!” assured the fourth fan.

Al Roker Updates Fans On His Knee Health

Although this incident isn’t much to worry about, earlier this month the Today weather forecaster posted a video revealing the details of his medical struggles. As per The Sun, the meteorologist shared that he might undergo knee surgery soon.

Al Roker Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Al shared on Instagram, “Last week go my knee X-rayed @hspecialsurgery and after @davidmayman drained some fluid off my knee. Bad news: probably need to get the knee replaced within the year. The good news? This really hot look!”

He also informed fans that he can still walk and do other things. However, he still has to take care of it and be gentle and slow when walking.

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