‘Today’ Al Roker Has Had Enough Of His Co-Hosts

Al Roker on the 'Today' Show - YouTube/TODAY

Today Show meteorologist Al Roker has seemingly had enough of his co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Craig Melvin. During Friday morning’s broadcast, Savannah and Craig broke out into song and encouraged Al to join in but he wasn’t having any of it. In fact, the long-time meteorologist glared at the other hosts of the morning show. What had Al Roker so upset? Keep reading to find out.

Tension Among Today Show Co-Hosts

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time Al Roker has thrown shade at his co-hosts, specifically Craig Melvin. Al, Craig, Sheinelle Jones, and Dylan Dreyer led a segment in August discussing their personal summer highlights.

The Today Show crew celebrating Al Roker's anniversary - YouTube/TODAY

Credit: YouTube/TODAY

As the segment started, the co-hosts were eating pizza and chatting. Craig suggested they mix things up and start with Sheinelle. However, she replied to correct him and stated that the prompter indicated Dylan was to speak first. When Craig seemed to push, Al spoke up and mentioned that they had graphics lined up and prepared for the segment.

“Have you just started this show?” Al asked, dissing Craig on live television. To which Craig replied that he thought it would be “whimsical.” Roker wasn’t impressed.

That theme has seemed to continue into the new season of Today. The latest episode featured a rather uncomfortable moment between Al and his co-hosts.

Why Was Al Roker Uncomfortable On Friday’s Show?

Friday, September 23 had a segment on the late Whitney Houston. This is because the movie The Bodyguard is set to return to theaters for the 30th anniversary of its release. Of course, the clip played on Today included Houston’s infamous song I Will Always Love You. The return of the movie to theaters comes just one month before Houston’s very own biopic premieres.

During the segment,  Savannah and Craig seemed to be having a good time. She asked Craig if he could sing I’m Every Woman, another one of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits. The pair carried on singing for a few moments until Craig got a look at Al’s face.

Al Roker reporting for The Today Show - YouTube/TODAY

Credit: YouTube/TODAY

Al Roker looked at the camera with a serious expression and glared at his co-hosts. Craig looked nervous, asking, “No?” He received no response and Al did not participate in the conversation about The Bodyguard or Whitney Houston.

What do you think? Does Al Roker have something against the Today co-hosts or is it something else? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Amanda Blankenship


    1. I think all hosts on ‘Today’ should be let go. They are all so annoying. They all think they are better than everyone else. First to go is Al, then Savannah, Hoda……. they come across as phonies

      1. So true, couldnt agree more, first to go is the least liked of them all, Savannah, then Al then craig, lastly Hoda, they whole show is just terrible. They all hog the camera and talk over each other. Savannah is the worst snd she needs to learn how to put on her fake eyelashes, looks like 2 leeches on her eyes !!

    2. I stopped watching my Fav morning TV show, ‘Today’, quite some time ago, because of what you just commented on. ‘The View ‘SUCKS! Al is one of the ‘oldies, but goodies’ left on the show…he needs to retire, before there is a scandal on him also!!!

      1. Al Roker is the most annoying person in the media or in the spotlight- absolutely zero talent and just mind-boggling that he has a job above assistant manager of a Red Robin.

  1. I really hate to say it but, I think Al has become a bit loud and annoying lately. Maybe a bit too self confident at times. I guess it’s ok for him to be loud and proud and no one else is.

      1. Mr. Rocker is old school. He is a professional. The other two aren’t professional. There is a time for being silly and that wasn’t the time.

        1. I absolutely agree with you, Michele. The “Today Show” is nothing more than a View-like talk show today. Once respected for its journalistic comment, the show today has no dependable news content. It’s like a fraternity of socialite-wannabes of both sexes having a chit-chat at the house each trying to impress the other. Dave Garroway. even Bryan Gumbel would be embarrassed by it.

    1. We agree. Al is seemingly only happy when can make some goofy joke while talking over every body else. Perhaps it is time for Al to ride into one of his sunsets there on the weather board.

  2. It’s time for Al Roker to retire HE thinks HE is funny I think he is obnoxious. Move over Al ne key a younger guy take over

    1. Al thinks he is a comedian! Not!
      The whole show has lost professionalism completely. They all talk over the guests and make stupid comments. It is not worth wasting any time watching anymore.

  3. Craig Melvin is a jerk, Savannah is an educated air head and Hoda is sickening in mugging to the camera. Al and Dylan are professionals who are head and shoulders above the three clowns, and yes it’s inexcusable how they constantly talk over each other. I turn the Today show on most mornings and rarely do I watch it for more than 20 minutes before I’ve had my fill and turn it off.

  4. Al is Al all these people are as stuck up as it comes.they made there Money they all need to be gone.Except Dylan and sheenail.the two do there job well the rest are what they are.

  5. Al is a professional! He dosen’t need to be someone He’s not.
    He has added to the atmosphere at times,But over the last year it’s a pure Joke!!
    Hoda doesn’t like Jenna( or visa versa)Shienell,Craig and Savanna are clowns in a circus.
    Al is right!
    Time for the kiddies to put on their adult drawers[underpants being the technical term]And do some real hosting instead of partying,Help us learn about your guests instead of it being about Savanna,Craig,Hoda,Jenna,and Shienelle.
    Isn’t that really why people tune in?

  6. Al is an idiot and always has been. He thinks he is so funny and the only one who needs to be heard. His 15 minutes of fame was up decades ago, but he is like the person who came to dinner and refuses to leave.

  7. There are agendas for the time limit, planned “info” sessions. It was unprofessional and rude to ignore it, do what “they” wanted to and embarrass Mr. Roker.

  8. I grow weary of the behavior that is now common place-constantly talk over each other to the point it is annoying. And they are all guilty of this practice.

  9. Maybe he thought they were being disrespectful. Whitney Houston has passed away, the anniversary of the incident surley drumed up some sadness. The way they were singing could have come off as poking fun.Some can be so disrespectful of the memory of the dead.

  10. Time to retire!! Used to like Al Roker, now I’m glad on the days he isn’t there!! Dylan does a much better job, professional, knowledgeable, friendly, kind, well liked!! Gets along with everyone. They ALL need to realize they are lucky to have their jobs, and that every single one of them are replaceable!! We ALL are!! About ready to start watching Good Morning America, but I don’t care for any of them!!

  11. I think Savannah should have been fired way before now!! She’s not fit to be any show!! She is discussing!! She puts her feels into articles instead of the reporting what’s real!! Kick her in the butt and off the Today show ! I’ve not watched it in several years because of her!!

  12. I think AL need to be replace ,was good but he better retired with hlory,if he wait to much .people will hate him more,I turn tv on other channel when he tslk,his humor and joke are most time offensive…he act like he drive the show…..one bad apple in the bag affect all apple….that my opinion

  13. Really don’t care what any of them do. They’re annoying, irritating, boring,and basically stupid..Its time for a new structure with young, smart, politically educated personalities. Mom watched til she passed away, we stopped watching long ago!👎

  14. I, too think Al should retire. The show has lost its appeal. It use to be decent. You can feel the tension on the show. You can tell they cannot stand one another Al has become the old, cranky one and the rest of them are idiots. Fake as can be. I stopped watching ever ago. Get rid of the bunch and start over. Dylan is ok. The rest has to go. Al needs to go home and eat some prunes. His sour attitude is not pretty.

  15. Al Roker exists in the shadow of the late-Williard Scott, who for kept a generation of viewers pinned to their screens to watch and enjoy his off-beat antics as the weather anchor on the Today Show. Roker was handed the golden opportunity to fill-in and later succeed Scott on the show … and did so admirably as a clone to Scott’s humorous way to lighten up the studio in reporting the weather segment and entertaining the millions of Americans over their coffee. I suppose that Roker wanted to establish himself apart from Scott and eventually sought to create his own persona of the weather reporter-entertainer. That also came with the baggage of securing a niche that was uniquely his own and being able to avoid getting too full of himself if and when achieved. Humility plays a big part of celebrity, and no one is beyond failing to hold onto that which initially made them popular and a success in what they do. Epic fail when you forget.

  16. I stopped watching ALL these boring shows 20 years ago after real journalists had been retired, or died, and were replaced with fluff.

  17. I agree,especially Savannah. Watch the way she always eyes Hoda. I do not know if someone at the Top Management level is her….

  18. I haven’t watched the Today show in years. I prefer CBS Morning Show. It’s a better product. They could learn something from that show.

  19. I quit watching the today show during the last election tired of them talking over each other their opinion t the only one that matters. They r reporting that used to be my morning show i watch d no more. Like dylan and al

  20. With the ratings dip they’re seemingly doing anything for attention!
    The Hoda/Savannah feud wasn’t effective, so their starting an Al/anybody feud?
    Just follow the teleprompter!

  21. I saw Al become silent when they were singing and I still wonder why. Tired of Hoda. Personally, I think Craig has a thing for Dylan. Very subtle but it’s there. Sweet Al. Love him.

  22. Can’t stand Savanah. Lost all respect for what she did in the interview with President Donald Trump. She cut him down and didn’t give him time to answer the questions and answered them with her opinion. She is no journalist in my opinion. She is sorry ass democrat.

  23. The Today show is no longer a newscast but their own personal views which makes me wonder why we care what they think. Savannah ia the worst with Jenna a close second. They believe that we care what they have done in their personal lives. Absolutely they all talk at once so you just hear their laughter. Hoda was really good with Kathy Lee but has lost her appeal with Jenna. Dylan is the BEST of all.

  24. I also agree with Paul because of Savannah’s interview with President Donald Trump. She didn’t respect him at all and trying to make him look bad. She interrupted everything he tried to say — also He knew it.

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