Did King Charles III Snub ‘Today’ Anchor Savannah Guthrie On Air?

Savannah Guthrie from Today, NBC

Did King Charles III actually snub Today anchor Savannah Guthrie? Some fans think that might have been the case.

Since Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, news outlets around the world have scrambled to cover the monarch’s funeral and transfer of power. Today anchor Savannah Guthrie was excited to be part of this new chapter in history. But not in the way she probably would have liked.

Keep reading to see why fans think the new king accidentally snubbed Savannah.

Savannah Guthrie and Today cover the transfer of power in England

Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne in 1953, which means there hasn’t been a transfer of power like this in nearly 70 years. News anchors have been eager to cover this monumental event in history. Among them is Today show anchor Savannah Guthrie.

Savannah Guthrie from Today, NBC
Savannah Guthrie/NBC

The journalist was excited to catch a glimpse of the new king, but she didn’t manage to grab his attention in time.

Savannah Guthrie set up to film as King Charles III passed by. She waved, but he didn’t return the gesture. Did he simply not see her or was this a snub?

“I waved, but they didn’t wave back,” the Today anchor shared in an Instagram story. “But they have a busy day ahead of them.”

Savannah Guthrie from Instagram
Savannah Guthrie/Instagram

What do you think of the situation? Be sure to leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Is the journalist still feuding with Hoda Kotb?

For quite some time, there have been a lot of rumors surrounding the cast of Today. Word on the street is that Savannah Guthrie and her co-anchor Hoda Kotb actually can’t stand each other. So far, neither woman has publically commented on the drama. But fans can’t help but pick up on the snide comments and frostiness on set. For the time being, it seems like they’re both choosing silence as a better option.

However, some viewers believe that Savannah is out at Today for good. Did Hoda actually push her out?

According to Savannah, she’s just been spending more time with her family and children. And now, she’s covering the Queen’s funeral arrangements in England. It may be quite some time before things go back to normal on the set of Today, but it doesn’t appear that Savannah Guthrie is going away anytime soon — even if she is indeed feuding with Hoda Kotb.

For now, it seems like everyone is content to put aside their differences to honor the late Queen Elizabeth II. Even the sky filled with rainbows just moments after her death.

Stay tuned for the latest news on King Charles’ rise to power and coverage from the team at Today. Our writers will be here to keep you informed.

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