‘Today’ Al Roker Kicks Craig Melvin While He’s Down?

Today Show Al Roker [Today Show | YouTube]

Today Show host Al Roker called out Craig Melvin. His co-anchor made a blunder on live television. The former weatherman wasn’t here for it. Al was ready to diss Craig at the moment.

The co-host discussed the summer highlights. However, Craig read them “out of order.” That’s when Al took the opportunity to diss his colleague during the live broadcast. On Monday’s show, Al, Craig, Sheinelle Jones, and Dylan Dreyer sat behind the table to talk about the highlights of their summer.

Read on to learn more and to see what happened between Craig and Al.

Today Hosts Talk Summer Highlights [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]

Today Show Craig Melvin makes a huge blunder

The Today Show hosts enjoyed some pizza as they closed out the summer. Sheinelle started the segment as they ate. She mentioned that the co-hosts wanted to share some of their highlights from the summer.

“So here’s the thing, we all wanted to share the highlights of our Summer because it’s the end of the Summer,” Sheinelle said. “We’ve talked about this before. Sometimes you have pictures on your phone and you say, ‘Oh, I’m going to print them out or put them in a book’ and you don’t do anything with them, but let’s talk about the highlights or maybe one highlight.”

Today Show Talk Summer Highlights [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
Craig Melvin was confused when he read the teleprompter. He suggested that they started with Sheinelle first. She noticed that it said that the prompter said Dylan should go first. Al Roker noted what happened at the moment.

“No, no. We’ve got our graphics kind of lined up,” Al Roker said.

Craig apologized to everyone and the viewers at home. He drank out of his mug. Al used the opportunity to knock Craig while he was down. “Have you just started this show?” Al Roker sarcastically asked.

“No. I just thought it would be whimsical,” Craig said as he shrugged. Apparently, he didn’t find the joke funny. The Today Show fans have shared their thoughts about Al. Some have even taken to the comment section on TV Shows Ace to mention that they don’t like the way he speaks to his colleagues.

Al Roker called out for rude behavior

Speaking of summer highlights, Al Roker was called out for his rude behavior. During a televised broadcast of Today Show’s Citi Music Series, he snubbed the fans who cheered his name. This allegedly took place when Brenden Urie performed his new song and some of his hit songs from Panic! at the Disco.

Hoda Kotb would dance and interact with the fans. However, Al Roker was not in a jovial mood, claims an insider. He walked by the fans as they cheered his name. He ignored them as he returned to the studio.

It’s likely that the anchor was focused on his birthday. What are your thoughts on Al Roker calling out Craig Melvin on live television? How are you liking the Today Show so far this week? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


      1. I can’t even recall why Al Roker became semi-famous in the first place. He once read the weather bulletins while attempting to be funny. Now he is just a grumpy complainer, and never a real journalist. But that is also true of most news “hosts” currently appearing on mainstream media.

  1. Al needs to retire. Yes he can be very rude and condescending to Craig especially. So over Al Roker. I don’t like to watch the 3rd hr when he is on. Craig,Sheinelle and Dylan are so much better when Roker isn’t on.

    1. I hate it when he said And here’s what’s happening in you’re neck of the woods, hell he’s been saying that for over 30 yrs. I just can’t believe they would let him say the same sh__!

  2. I’ve noticed that he’s being rude to his colleagues. It was Dylan that I noticed him pushing her aside and now Craig. He should be made to apologize to them on the show. Now there are 2 on the Today show. Apologize or leave.

  3. Al was rude as usual, however Dylan is picked on more than anyone else. Better hang on to her… she brings a lot of sunshine along with her family to the table.

  4. The only one I like is Hoda ! Everyone else can go, especially Savannah and Al ! They are the worst of all of them, they are so rude to their colleagues! Who do they think they are ??

  5. Why are they being rude on the Today Show? First the feud between Savannah and Hoda (which I think Savannah can be rude and seems above others). Now this between Al and Craig. They preach getting along but cannot practice it? Not good role models if you ask me.

  6. What’s going on w/ the Today show family? Lots of dysfunction lately! Tired of all the vacation time and substitute anchors.

  7. Al is basically threatened by Dylan and Craig both who are head and shoulders above Al and whenever he can bring them down, he jumps at the opportunity! Not professional one bit. I seldom watch the 3rd hour when he is around. Just my two cents. One additional comment. Dylan should be the permanent weather person as she is more in touch with 2022. Such as “Here is a peek out your window” in lieu of “In your neck of the woods”

  8. Love all the wonderful people on The today show. They do a great job but let’s not forget their human they have their good days and bad. I think some people are trying to stir up trouble by pointing out every little thing! Maybe this is to raise up the ratings I don’t know, let’s all take a breath and leave them alone and just enjoy your coffee and share it with the today show

  9. I’m not sure what you all are talking about.
    I love the today show. I like all of them Hoda the least. She always wants to be goody too shoes. Please.
    I like Al he is funny he gets paid to make those remarks. Craig makes remarks also but none of them are doing anything the producer in their ear doesn’t allow.
    I think you are all putting too much into this morning show.

  10. Al is great..I just think there’s obviously something going on behind the scenes. Craig has an arrogant side..he’s shown it plenty. It’s not a stretch to believe something is upsetting the Today Show crew. Hope they fix it.

  11. I quite watching because Al Roker is full of himself and he needs to leave or respect others . When you have no respect for others , that says a lot about yourself. Just leave the show Al. No one will miss you……

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