‘Today’ Al Roker Shares Quick Health Update With Fans

Al Roker [Today Show | YouTube]

Today Show host Al Roker shared a quick health update with his fans. He wanted the viewers to know that he was not on another vacation. Fans have been wondering why he went missing from the morning show. This comes amid the constant shuffling with the hosts.

Viewers have already expressed their frustration with the latest broadcasts. They think the morning show should get its act together when it comes to the hosts. Fans are tired of seeing the fill-ins like Whit Johnson at the desk. The 68-year-old meteorologist took to Instagram to share an update with his fans.

Craig Melvin, Al Roker & Hoda Kotb [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]

Today Show host quashes vacation rumors

On Thursday, September 29, Al Roker shared an Instagram video with fans. He wanted his fans and followers to know the real reason he’s been away from the show. Al shared that he tested positive for COVID-19. He wanted to share a quick update for those who were genuinely concerned about his disappearance.

Al Roker hopes to get back on the show by Monday. He called out the critics who claim the hosts take too many breaks. He said that he was not on vacation. Earlier this week, fans wanted to know why Al hasn’t covered Hurricane Ian.

“The reason I haven’t been part of the Hurricane Ian coverage is I tested positive for COVID,” Al Roker said in his Instagram video. “It’s not because I’m on vacation or something else is wrong.”

Al Roker Instagram Video [Al Roker | Instagram]
[Al Roker | Instagram]
Check out Al Roker’s video and full health update here for yourself.

Regardless, he’s feeling fine. Al got his booster last week. Thankfully, the symptoms have been mild, which he credits the vaccination for. Al feels positive that he will get back to work soon.

On the same day, Hoda Kotb told fans that Al Roker tested positive for COVID-19. She explained why he’s been missing from the Hurricane Ian coverage. She assured fans that he’s “feeling fine” and has “mild symptoms.” Substitute meteorologist Bill Karins also noted that Al really wanted to be in the studio.

Al Roker shares health update

This comes after Al Roker shared another health update on Instagram. The Today host discussed the possibility of getting surgery on his knee. On Saturday, September 17, Al filmed himself going on a walk as he informed his fans about his medical issues. That’s when he noticed something while on vacation.

“I’ve been on vacation for a few weeks, then back to work,” Al Roker said in the video. “But also, I kind of tweaked my knee a little bit on vacation, so I had to lay off walking a bit.”

Al Roker Shares Walk [Al Roker | Instagram]
[Al Roker | Instagram]
Al Roker had knee replacement surgery 18 years ago. His doctor informed him that he will need to have surgery on that same knee within the next six months. Al told his fans that he can still walk and perform other tasks, but he has to take it easy. He also told his own followers “don’t overdo it” and “don’t go crazy.”

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